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It is exciting to have a roof installed for a new build, or for a re-roofing job on an existing home or building. Choosing the colour of a new roof should not be done in haste, as there are aspects to consider that will help you to choose just the right colour for your new steel roof.

Fortunately, unlike other roofing materials such as asphalt and tile roofs that only have a few colour choices available, quality steel roofing from Johnson Roofing offers a wide range of COLORSTEEL® colours that are sure to perfectly match your home’s exterior design.

Match Your Home’s Exterior Design with The Right COLORSTEEL® Roof

The colour range available of steel roofing at Johnson Roofing is diverse and beautiful, just like the ever-changing landscape of New Zealand. From earth toned hues, to deep blues of the ocean water, vibrant greens that are found in local flora of New Zealand, to the whites and greys of the cloud filled skies, there is a full palette of colours to choose from that will not only blend naturally into your surroundings, but that will match you home’s exterior design theme perfectly.

The best colour to choose for your steel roof should reflect your tastes, match your home’s exterior design, as well as the environment that surrounds your property. Choosing a colour that inspires you is the best, that it why it is suggested to take your time viewing all of the COLORSTEEL® colours available to you, to find the one that inspires you in some way.

For example, a certain colour may remind you of fond family memories, a landscape that you adore, or one that highlights your home against a natural backdrop, such as mountains, the seashore, or stately tree-line.

If you are finding it difficult to choose among the many COLORSTEEL® colours available for your new steel roof, not to worry, our professional roofing experts can help you to find the best colour to match your exterior design, using colour charts. Here at Johnson Roofing, we take a personal approach in helping our clients by arranging and supplying samples for you.

Our roofing professionals can accompany you to take a more in-depth look at your exterior design, to help you to choose the correct steel roof colour for your home. For information about obtaining a sample COLORSTEEL® colour chart, please contact us today, at Johnson Roofing in Auckland.

It is obvious that commercial steel roofing is a popular roofing solution for businesses all over New Zealand. The reasons for this are simple, steel roofing is energy-efficient, fire resistant, affordable, durable, and easy to maintain and repair. Although, metal roofs requires less maintenance and outlast other roofing materials, needed repairs are usually the result of mistakes made during installation. Which is why it is crucial to seek a well-known and experienced commercial metal roofing installer in Auckland.

If you have a steel roof on your building, no matter how long you’ve had it, maintaining and protecting it is important. There are some aspects to steel roof maintenance that are very important to consider when caring for and protecting it, essential tips property owners and manager can take to ensure the roof under their watch is in good shape.

Maintenance and Protection of Commercial Steel Roofing

It’s true, the root of most steel roofing problems can be traced back to mistakes during installation, and knowing these can help property owners to maintain and protect their roof.

Here are 5 important tips to help maintain commercial steel roofing:

1. Roof inspection
– the best way to maintain and protect your roof is to know exactly the condition that it is in. A roof inspection will reveal many things, and will direct you to areas of your roof that needs your attention.

2, Repair roof damage
– as soon as possible, repair or replace steel roof sheeting because the longer a damaged area of your roof goes unattended it will lead to more damage, especially if rain water finds its way into your building.

3. Check for proper flashing – the connecting metal to non-roofing material such as chimneys, air vents, and skylights can become corroded, damaged, or improperly installed. When that happens, water can leak inside a building and will damage walls, flooring and anything else it comes into contact with.

4. Roof insurance – maintaining roof insurance that covers some maintenance and roof repairs is the best way to protect your home. If you are unsure about the type of coverage you have for your roof, then you should speak to your insurance agent about the details of your policy.

5. Hire the best steel roofing contractor – whether you are installing a new steel roof, or you need a roofing specialist to inspect and repair your metal roof as needed, finding the best company just makes sense.

The frequency of steel roof maintenance and repairs differ from building to building, so it is advised to locate a steel roof specialist, such as Johnson Roofing in Auckland, to help.

Here at Johnson Roofing, we can inspect your steel roof, provide a detailed report of its condition, and then suggest actions to take to maintain and protect it. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation, we are a family owned and operated business and proudly serve communities Auckland wide.