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There are many types of materials and styles of roofing available, but it is steel roofing that is the preferred choice in New Zealand. It’s an investment that needs to be maintained more than any other part of one’s home, or else it can become damaged and even collapse in a disaster. In extreme cases of neglect, any roof can deteriorate and collapse.

That is why proper monitoring of any warning signs can effectively prevent a severe disaster, although, any damage to a roof, no matter how seemingly small it may be, can hide a larger problem that is unseen to the untrained eye. However, property owners can learn how to spot such warning signs and have these rectified as soon as they are discovered during a residential roof inspection.

Avoid Residential Roofing Disaster by Looking for Warning Signs

It is always advised to have a steel roof inspected for signs of damage or deterioration, so that the roof can be repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, if repairs are delayed, or damage goes unnoticed for too long, any damage caused by rain water entering the home can become a real financial disaster. Do you need a roof inspection? Many home owners are unsure if they do, or not.

To be safe, a personal inspection of your home can reveal very important warning signs that would motivate any property owner to contact a professional roofer, no matter what type of roof is on a house. Whether you have a steel roof, wood shingles, asphalt, ceramic or cement roof tiles, the warning signs are basically all the same.

1. Leaking in the Attic

After a big storm with heavy rain and wind, gain access to the attic area and check for any signs of leaking, moisture, or mould. A presence of any one of these is definitely a warning sign to worry about, as any moisture can rot walls, beams, and any part of the inside of a home it comes into contact with.

2. Peeling Interior or Exterior Paint

Take a close look at the walls in and around your home for any blistering or peeling paint, even if you may have missed any tell-tell signs in the attic, you may still discover evidence of leak on walls near the ceiling.

3. Loose Steel Roofing Sheets

If you hear any movement of metal roofing sheets, then that could be an accident about to happen when big winds and rain come. There are many reasons why metal roof sheets can come loose, but repairs should be made as soon as possible, or the problem will just get worse.

If you would like to know the health of your roof, then you are not alone. Schedule a no-obligation roof inspection today, with Johnson Roofing, and make sure that you avoid any disaster from happening to your roof.

Isn’t the roof the most important part of your house? It protects you and your family day in and day out, which is why the roof needs extra attention, especially when there is a problem. Delaying on making needed roof repairs can cost property owners more as time passes, which is why roof inspections are considered so important and are recommended once a year.

Whether it is small roof repairs and necessary maintenance work that is needed to be done on steel roofing, or the reroofing of a whole house is required, it just makes sense to make sure that you get what you pay for. So, when the time comes to spend money on a roofing contractor, and you want to make sure the contractor does everything ‘right’, you can with this handy guide.

1. Read the company’s reviews

While choosing a roof contractor, you should definitely compare the company’s customer reviews, price quotes, the materials they use and so forth, with other contractors. However, the most important feature is the company’s customer satisfaction ratio, look into what people have to say about certain aspects of the contractor.

Does the company have repeat customers? Do they win projects solely on their quoted price, or is it their quality of work that have people coming back for more? Knowing this should give you confidence that the money you are about to spend on your roof is money well spent.

2. Install new or reroof

If you are in the market for new roofing, is it better to get rid of the old one, or do you only need to only replace/reroof a section of it? A ‘good’ roofing contractor will help you make that decision, to help you save money where possible.

3. Invest in the material

When spending money on your roof, make sure to buy high-grade steel sheets, whenever possible. After all, it is the quality of the roofing material that will ultimately protect your home for the years to come. Ask the roofing contractor about the different roofing materials that they use, and then listen to their recommendations and ask question about points that interest you.

4. Look at the paperwork

It doesn’t matter if it is a two-day job or a project that will take over a month, make sure to read the work contract and inquire about anything you do not understand. Roofing jobs involve a lot of liability and money, and deserve your critiquing of the contract, as you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong, without a warranty to back up the work.

Every building needs a roof, and there are many materials used for roofing today, and because of that, it can feel a bit overwhelming to make such an important decision. The basic truth to finding the best roofing for a building has to do with location, geographically, as the environment should dictate what works best. In New Zealand, steel roofing is the best choice for both commercial and domestic buildings, and there are a number of reasons why.

Wood shingles dry out and crack, and their very nature presents a potential fire risk. Concrete tiles actually experience problems with freeze and thaw cycles, especially at higher elevations. And, like wood shingles, installing concrete and ceramic roofing takes a lot of time, especially when compared to the short time it takes to install a metal roof.

There are more than a few other reasons why a steel roof is good for commercial and domestic roofing, as you will discover.

Steel Roof is Good for Commercial and Domestic Roofing in New Zealand

There are many aspects to consider with each roofing type, such as the flexibility of the roof material, its weight on the building structure, and the cost to install it. These are some of the things to consider when choosing a roofing material.

Here are some reasons why New Zealanders pick steel roofs for their buildings:

– Flexibility and Ease of Installation

Steel sheet roofing is flexible, more than any other hard roofing material. It can be fabricated to cover angled areas easily, when other materials cannot. This allows metal roofing to cover any style and shape of building.

– Light-Weight, Durable and Strong

Compared to concrete and ceramic roof tiles, metal roofing sheets weigh much less, and make an ideal choice for smaller buildings, sheds and garage roofs, and it is just as study, durable, and strong.

– Cheaper than Stone or Ceramic Roofs
A steel roof is much cheaper than stone or ceramic roofing because the steel sheets costs less per metre of roof covered, and the cost of labour is less as it takes less time to install.

Investing in steel roofing has many benefits, which is why it is the perfect choice for both commercial and domestic buildings in New Zealand. You can learn more about the benefits and costs metal roof made from New Zealand steel, when you take advantage of a free consultation visit by Johnson Roofing.