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09 April 2021

Tips to Ensure Flat Steel Roofing Maintenance and Protection from Johnson Roofing

Commercial flat roofing is not as aesthetically pleasing as residential roofing, however, it is a hardy, dependable, and long-lasting type of roofing, if it is maintained properly. It is a type of roof that has many benefits, ... Continue Reading
26 March 2021

Save the Earth, Save Money: Choose Energy-Efficient Roofs from Johnson Roofing

More people than ever before are interested in saving energy in any way they can, especially within their own homes. Businesses all over the country are actively seeking ways to save money off their company’s electricity ... Continue Reading
11 March 2021

Watch Out for These Common Hazards that Can Damage Your Steel Roofing

If you own a steel roof, or you are planning on installing one, then you will find this list helpful and insightful, allowing you to prepare and plan to keep your home’s steel roof in good shape. Although there are many types ... Continue Reading
25 February 2021

Commercial Flat Roofs: Why is Metal Roofing An Excellent Option?

Commercial properties are comprised of establishments and buildings that are intended to generate a profit. And for the perspective of business owners, their respective buildings should be able to perform well without ... Continue Reading
11 February 2021

Roofing Issues that Require a Qualified Roofer to Do the Job Right

Your home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. Making sure that everything inside and outside of the house is in good condition before you move in is important. An old house may have an old roof, and you will ... Continue Reading
28 January 2021

Commercial Roofing Self-Inspection: Why You Should Never Do It?

There is some conceivable security in a roofing self-inspection. However, it is risky to do so since it poses many dangers. It is imperative to know these dangers before you settle on your choice on whether to consult a ... Continue Reading