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14 July 2020

FAQ: What is the Life Span of Galvanised Metal Roofs?

In the old days, the choices for roofing were copper, lead, tin-covered iron, and metal-covered steel. Tin-covered flexible iron was disappearing at that point. Copper and metal moved roofs were well known during that vintage - ... Continue Reading
29 June 2020

Reasons Why Metal Roofing is Becoming More Popular

Metal roofing is gaining popularity more and more each day because more homeowners nowadays are opting for a sustainable and energy efficient construction. Metal roofing adapted to the needs that rose during the 21st century. ... Continue Reading
11 June 2020

Some Helpful Information Regarding Zincalume Steel

ZINCALUME® steel and galvanised products have very similar working characteristics. Since they are materials that are industrial in nature, it is important to be aware of their few characteristics. Below are some helpful ... Continue Reading
27 May 2020

The Rise of Metal Roofing in Demand and Popularity

Metal roofs aren’t just for commercial construction anymore. As homeowners’ demand for low-maintenance, durable roofing options grows, metal roofs have become an appealing alternative for residential projects. In fact, 14% ... Continue Reading
11 May 2020

Professional Roof Inspection Services in Auckland and Its Long-term Benefits for Businesses

If you have ever done any kind of repairs on your roof, you know how much effort it demands. From standing on the ladder trying to repair something to the noises that everyone in the house can hear, it is unforgettable ... Continue Reading
23 April 2020

Autumn Season Roof Maintenance Checklist

To prolong the life of your roof and ensure water doesn’t leak through, your home’s roof should be inspected twice a year. Once in late spring, and once during the autumn. Below is an autumn season roof maintenance ... Continue Reading