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Over the years, steel gutters have increased in demand as the choice among homeowners and builders, and those considering adding new gutters to their homes would be wise to consider these. However, steel gutters are ideal for commercial and industrial roofing too, for several reasons.

Not only are steel gutters a preferred residential choice, these are also ideal for use on all types of commercial and industrial roofing. The main reasons for this are simple, these are long-lasting, durable, easy to install, and inexpensive, especially when compared to copper gutters. Because of their hardy nature, steel gutters are also easy to clean and maintain, especially seamless steel gutters.

Reasons why Steel Gutters are Ideal for Commercial and Industrial Roofing

Affordable – of all the gutter systems available, steel gutters are the least expensive. When compared to the cost of aluminium and vinyl gutters, standard steel gutters are nearly half the price. However, additional protective coating can be added, which makes steel gutters even more durable and last longer, but does increase the price.

Durable – even without additional protective coating, standard steel gutters are strong enough to sustain less damage than other types of materials against falling debris such as tree branches, or misplaced ladders set against them. Also, these hold up extremely well in any environment and will not sag like other materials, if installed properly.

Environmentally friendly – additionally, some steel used in making gutters are from recycled steel, but are just as strong and beneficial as new steel gutters.

These are a few of the benefits of steel gutters that meet and exceed the needs of commercial and industrial roofing. Although, these are only as durable and long-lasting if properly mounted firmly to the roof.

All types of commercial and industrial roofing need strong roofing and gutters. That is because commercial and industrial buildings typically have a much larger roof area than residential homes, and these need to be strong enough to usher away large amounts of rain water. Steel roofing and gutters go hand-in-hand as ideal for use on commercial and industrial buildings.

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Not all buildings are built the same, or have the same roof requirements. Unlike residential roofing, the roofing requirements for commercial and industrial properties focus on functionality and affordability, first, before aesthetic needs. Commercial and industrial properties can have many types of structures, both large and small, that require roofing, such as barns, sheds, warehouses, car ports, and many others.

Corrugated steel roofing and asphalt shingles are commonly used on all types of commercial and industrial properties, however, corrugated metal is more suitable, for many reasons.

Corrugated Steel Roofing is Suitable for Commercial and Industrial Properties

Corrugated steel roofing is suitable for commercial and industrial properties for a few reasons, mainly, it is light-weight and strong, and it is much easier to install than other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles. Also, corrugated metal sheets last longer, up to five times longer. If properly maintained, a metal roof can last up to 60 years, depending on the thickness of the panel, the quality of coating, and the grade of the steel roofing sheets.

High-quality corrugated steel roof sheets come in various lengths, thicknesses, and can be cut and fabricated to fit onto any structure, unlike other roofing material. Also, corrugated steel roofing sheets aren’t bland, any more. That’s because these can be coated with specialised polymer paints that stave off corrosion, and that provides an effective barrier to keep buildings warm during cold nights and evenings, and cool during hot days.

Installation for Commercial and Industrial Properties

Most types of roofing materials take a long time to install – many days or weeks, but not steel roofing. It takes only a few short days to install for larger buildings, and only hours for smaller structures. Also, steel roofing requires minimal maintenance, which appeals to commercial and industrial businesses.

Many professional roofers recommend corrugated steel roofing for commercial and industrial properties because it is hardy, light-weight, fire-resistant, corrosion resistant, requires minimal maintenance, available in many colours, and it can be installed in a very short amount of time.

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