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Not all buildings are built the same, or have the same roof requirements. Unlike residential roofing, the roofing requirements for commercial and industrial properties focus on functionality and affordability, first, before aesthetic needs. Commercial and industrial properties can have many types of structures, both large and small, that require roofing, such as barns, sheds, warehouses, car ports, and many others.

Corrugated steel roofing and asphalt shingles are commonly used on all types of commercial and industrial properties, however, corrugated metal is more suitable, for many reasons.

Corrugated Steel Roofing is Suitable for Industrial Properties

Corrugated steel roofing is suitable for industrial properties for a few reasons, mainly, it is light-weight and strong, and it is much easier to install than other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles. Also, corrugated metal sheets last longer, up to five times longer. If properly maintained, a metal roof can last up to 60 years, depending on the thickness of the panel, the quality of coating, and the grade of the steel roofing sheets.

High-quality corrugated steel roof sheets come in various lengths, thicknesses, and can be cut and fabricated to fit onto any structure, unlike other roofing material. Also, corrugated steel roofing sheets aren’t bland, any more. That’s because these can be coated with specialised polymer paints that stave off corrosion, and that provides an effective barrier to keep buildings warm during cold nights and evenings, and cool during hot days.

Corrugated Steel Roofing is Energy Efficient

Corrugated steel roofing has the ability to be coated with a reflective solution. The solution helps increase the reflectivity of the metal in order for it to prevent the absorption of heat. Your building or house will stay cooler in the summer as a result of this. You will save on your cooling costs during the summer. Also, with the right sheathing and insulation, this roofing helps the house retain its interior temperature effectively in the cooler months of the year.

Installation for Industrial Properties

Most types of roofing materials take a long time to install – many days or weeks, but not steel roofing. It takes only a few short days to install for larger buildings, and only hours for smaller structures. Also, steel roofing requires minimal maintenance, which appeals to commercial and industrial businesses.

Many professional roofers recommend corrugated steel roofing for commercial and industrial properties because it is hardy, light-weight, fire-resistant, corrosion resistant, requires minimal maintenance, available in many colours, and it can be installed in a very short amount of time.

So, whether it is a new steel roof or a re-roofing job that needs doing in the Auckland region, contact the friendly folks at Johnson Roofing – professional roofers specialising in steel roof installation, repair and maintenance.

Isn’t the roof the most important part of your house? It protects you and your family day in and day out, which is why the roof needs extra attention, especially when there is a problem. Delaying on making needed roof repairs can cost property owners more as time passes, which is why roof inspections are considered so important and are recommended once a year.

Whether it is small roof repairs and necessary maintenance work that is needed to be done on steel roofing, or the reroofing of a whole house is required, it just makes sense to make sure that you get what you pay for. So, when the time comes to spend money on a roofing contractor, and you want to make sure the contractor does everything ‘right’, you can with this handy guide.

Read The Company’s Reviews

While choosing a roof contractor, you should definitely compare the company’s customer reviews, price quotes, the materials they use and so forth, with other contractors. However, the most important feature is the company’s customer satisfaction ratio, look into what people have to say about certain aspects of the contractor.

Does the company have repeat customers? Do they win projects solely on their quoted price, or is it their quality of work that have people coming back for more? Knowing this should give you confidence that the money you are about to spend on your roof is money well spent.

Install New Or Reroof

If you are in the market for new roofing, is it better to get rid of the old one, or do you only need to only replace/reroof a section of it? A ‘good’ roofing contractor will help you make that decision, to help you save money where possible.

Invest In The Material

When spending money on your roof, make sure to buy high-grade steel sheets, whenever possible. After all, it is the quality of the roofing material that will ultimately protect your home for the years to come. Ask the roofing contractor about the different roofing materials that they use, and then listen to their recommendations and ask question about points that interest you.

Look At The Paperwork

It doesn’t matter if it is a two-day job or a project that will take over a month, make sure to read the work contract and inquire about anything you do not understand. Roofing jobs involve a lot of liability and money, and deserve your critiquing of the contract, as you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong, without a warranty to back up the work.

Johnson Roofing appreciates how important the roof is for your home or building and work with you to ensure a fix that lasts for years. We service the entire Auckland region from Orewa to Manukau, offer no obligation quotes and really stand by our work.

Commercial flat roofing is not as aesthetically pleasing as residential roofing, however, it is a hardy, dependable, and long-lasting type of roofing, if it is maintained properly. It is a type of roof that has many benefits, it is also easy to erect and used to cover large areas, such as parking spaces, outside eating areas, to cover machinery and equipment, and to protect livestock from the elements.

Besides its overall practicality and functionality, commercial flat roofing is an affordable choice, when compared to other types of roofing materials. However, these need just as much maintenance as other roofing material to keep repairs costs down to a minimum.

Metal flat roofing essentially has a long life span, especially when property owners understand how to maintain them and what can be done to prevent their roof from becoming damaged. Most commercial property owners with flat roofing don’t think about their roof until a leak is discovered, that is because metal roof are tougher that other roofing materials, but these can become damaged too.

The best way to prevent a flat roof from becoming damaged, and to avoid costly repairs, is to schedule regular roof inspections to determine the health of the roof and to discover any potential problems, and then have them repaired before these become serious problems.

Roof Inspection

The best way to maintain and protect your roof is to know exactly the condition that it is in. A roof inspection will reveal many things, and will direct you to areas of your roof that needs your attention.

Repair Roof Damage

As soon as possible, repair or replace steel roof sheeting because the longer a damaged area of your roof goes unattended it will lead to more damage, especially if rain water finds its way into your building.

Check for Proper Flashing

The connecting metal to non-roofing material such as chimneys, air vents, and skylights can become corroded, damaged, or improperly installed. When that happens, water can leak inside a building and will damage walls, flooring and anything else it comes into contact with.

Roof Insurance

Maintaining roof insurance that covers some maintenance and roof repairs is the best way to protect your home. If you are unsure about the type of coverage you have for your roof, then you should speak to your insurance agent about the details of your policy.

Hire the Best Steel Roofing Contractor

Whether you are installing a new steel roof, or you need a roofing specialist to inspect and repair your metal roof as needed, finding the best company just makes sense.

More people than ever before are interested in saving energy in any way they can, especially within their own homes. Businesses all over the country are actively seeking ways to save money off their company’s electricity bills; this is especially true in Melbourne. One way businesses and homeowners are accomplishing this is by installing energy-saving metal roofing. The benefits of energy-saving roofing are well known, and when the opportunity presents itself (through scheduled building renovations or new home construction) Melbourne residents jump at the chance to use energy-saving building materials, especially on the roof.

Choose Energy-Efficient Roofs from Johnson Roofing

What are the benefits of energy-saving roofing? There are quite a few, but to truly appreciate them it helps to understand what is energy-saving metal roofing and how it works. One of the main benefits of metal roofing is easy to understand. Metal as a building material helps to secure and improve a building’s roof and the overall structure’s strength. That is beneficial.

Metal Roof’s Durability Reduces the Need for Production

It is beneficial in that metal provides long-term durability to a roof, where other types of materials, such as wood used for roofing, may need to be repaired or replaced over a lesser amount of time. In this regard, metal roofing can save a building owner from those types of expenses. The longer a roof lasts the better it is for the environment. Why is that? No matter how large a roof area is, replacing it uses a lot of different types of materials. So, not having to replace a roof helps the environment in that way and saves the building owner money, which is beneficial. What about the benefits of energy-saving roofing?

Metal Roof’s Insulation Capacity Saves Energy Consumption

Upgrading a home with metal roofing can cool down a home even in the heat-of-the-day. This makes it an attractive roofing material option for two reasons. First, cooling a building using metal roofing is a good reason to upgrade a roof, and the other reason is obvious; metal roofing reduces and reflects the heat of the sun’s rays. And, that means building occupants do not need to utilise air-conditioning units as much. This equals saving money, which is one of the benefits of energy-saving roofing.

Metal Roofs are Affordable

Although metal roofs don’t sound like an energy-efficient material, they are. Aluminium and steel are the most commonly used in the construction of new roofs and during building remodelling. They are affordable material, especially when compared to high-end ceramic tiles. A major benefit not yet mentioned is that metal roofs are highly fire-resistant, and they care designed to handle harsh weather conditions. Meaning, they are less likely to become damaged. In this regard, metal roofs don’t need to be repaired after foul weather when other types of roofing material would.

If you’re interested to learn more about the benefits of energy-saving roofing, and you would like to find a contractor who has a great reputation with decades of experience, then you’ll find what you’re looking for at Johnson Roofing Melbourne.

If you own a steel roof, or you are planning on installing one, then you will find this list helpful and insightful, allowing you to prepare and plan to keep your home’s steel roof in good shape. Although there are many types of roofing materials to choose from when building a new home, or when re-roofing an existing one, there are some common things that pose a danger to all of these, even to steel roofs.

A hardy steel roof offers superior home protection because it is made of hardy metal sheets that lay on a steel roof frame, however, there are common things that endanger steel roofing just as much as tile roofing, shingle roofing, or any other roofing material. Watch out for these common hazards that can damage your steel roofing.

DIY Roof Checkups and Inspections

Damage cause by foot traffic is real, people. Climbing on roofs should only be conducted by experienced persons who know where to place their footing, so as not to damage the roof. Basically, limiting access to your steel roof can prevent unnecessary damage cause by people walking on it.

Incorrect Installation

The integrity of any building, whether it is a residential home, or a commercial building, is paramount. This why when selecting a company to install your roof it is highly advised to make sure it is a professional steel roofing contractor, not just ‘any’ contractor. Why is that? The reason is simple, although a roofing contractor can install various roofing materials, steel roof experts will ensure that no mistakes are made.

Improperly-Anchored Steel Roofing

Poorly installed steel roofs that are not fastened down or anchor properly can cause steel sheets to come lose in high winds, which can slowing cause other problems to arise that can cause even slight damage that will eventually need repairing. This scenario can be effectively avoided by hiring a company that specialises in steel roof installation, reroofing and repair.

Obstructive Objects or Elemental Interference

As with any roof, falling tree branches pose a real risk, as trees grow, their limbs can break off during storms or due to old age, and physically damage steel roofing. The solution is simple, have a trusted steel roofing contractor inspect your roof to check for anything that can endanger your roof, like a tree growing to near to your home.

As silly as it may sound, it’s no joke – bird dropping can damage metal roofing, much in the same way as it damages car paint. However, unlike car paint, steel roofs have special galvanic coating that is designed to prevent corrosion and can resist the acidity of even bird droppings. However, if left unchecked for long periods of time, even bird droppings can penetrate a steel roof’s protective coating.

If you want to make sure your steel roof is in good shape, then contact Johnson Roofing – a steel roofing contractor specialising in steel roof installation and repair.

Commercial properties are comprised of establishments and buildings that are intended to generate a profit. And for the perspective of business owners, their respective buildings should be able to perform well without compromising anything.

One thing that they should consider when it comes to their properties is their overall structure. From the materials down to their maintenance, these properties must have everything that could help businesses perform well. Roofing, which is intended to protect properties from elements, can be made from materials that bring features and benefits to the buildings.

A great roofing option that business owners would appreciate is metal roofing. Utilising metal roofing as the main part of a commercial property can help business owners like you obtain the following benefits:

Longer Lifespan

What is great about metal roofing is that it is expected to last for up to 50 years, granting you the benefit of not replacing your roofing every now and then. The average lifespan of metal roofing is longer compared to other types of roofing, which allows you to enjoy many more benefits when it comes to overall maintenance, expenses, and other elements of your commercial property. As long as metal roofing comes from a reputable company, you can expect it to truly last for many decades.

More Durable

One contributing factor that helps metal roofing attain a longer lifespan is its ability to withstand most weather and outdoor elements. Even under intense heat, strong winds, and heavy rainfall, the metal roofing is expected to withstand all the elements’ accompanying effects. Aside from weather elements, the impact of airborne debris and solid elements can also be endured by metal roofing. Metal roofing’s ability to resist all these elements can help your commercial building perform and operate continuously.

Reduced Upkeep

Since it can easily withstand outdoor elements, metal roofing does not need to be maintained regularly anymore. The needed maintenance and upkeep for metal roofing is known to be reduced significantly given that its durability and toughened surface. All associated resources for the assessment, repairs, and replacements of metal roofing are likewise expected to be reduced significantly, helping you cut down the needed expenses for metal roofing maintenance.

Great Appearance

Another benefit of acquiring metal roofing for your commercial property is that it can effectively enhance its appearance. Metal roofing can obtain different designs that can fully adapt to your style preferences. It can even come with a wide array of colours, which cannot be said and done with other types of roofing. The natural colour of some metal materials makes the metal roofing mesmerising to look at. The addition of beautiful metal roofing can likewise make the property much more valuable than others.

To gain access to beautiful and durable metal roofing for your commercial property, feel free to contact us at Johnson Roofing. If you are about to start the process of building a commercial building, we would love the chance to be the one to supply you with your new roof. We provide nothing but the highest quality of work and at fair and reasonable prices.

Your home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. Making sure that everything inside and outside of the house is in good condition before you move in is important. An old house may have an old roof, and you will want to make sure the old roof has no roofing issues. There are some types of roofing problems you should be aware of when you are looking at old houses.

Improper Drainage and Leaks

You can detect water leaks by looking for stains on the outside and underside of the roof. Stains on the outside of the roof could mean that water is not being drained off the roof properly. This could be caused by clogged gutters. You should check to see if the house’s gutters are clogged with leaves or other debris.

If you see stains on the underside of the roof, the roof is leaking. You may not be able to see these unless the house has an attic or water is seeping into the ceilings.

Missing Roof Tiles

If the house has missing roof tiles, this could be a sign of old or damaged gutters. Damaged gutters can cause water to stay on the roof instead of draining into the gutters. If water remains on the roof, it can trickle under the roof tiles. This may cause the tiles to fall off the roof. Falling tiles can be dangerous to anyone who is near the house. If you see broken tiles on the ground near the house, this can be a sign of a roof damaged by water due to gutters that are not working properly. Gutters on an old house may be old and need to be replaced. You can check the gutters to see if they look damaged.

Tiles or Shingles are Not Aligned

Tiles or shingles on the roof should look straight and even when you look at them. If you see roofing material that looks uneven or misaligned, this means that the roof was not constructed properly. Misaligned roof material looks unsightly. It also means that the roof may not be completely waterproof. Water can seep through cracks or gaps that are created by the uneven placement of shingles or tiles.

Get in touch with Johnson Roofing if you notice some issues with your roof. We will be happy to work with you to make sure your old house has a roof without problems.

There is some conceivable security in a roofing self-inspection. However, it is risky to do so since it poses many dangers. It is imperative to know these dangers before you settle on your choice on whether to consult a professional or do it yourself. Commercial roofing is regularly risky because of their high pinnacles, inclines, and elusive materials utilized in development. The possibility of falls is genuine and is something to consider.

Additionally, roofing may have all the earmarks of being strong, however, there are numerous powerless focuses that a non-roofing worker for hire wouldn’t know about. The possibility of falls and different harms can be expensive. Not exclusively to the wellbeing of an individual, however the monetary part of the materials, protection, and labourers comp.

Warranty Issues

Your roofing likely has a warranty that ensures the roofing, yet additionally normally covers fixes, inspections, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Warranties have conditions sketching out who is permitted to deal with the roofing just as the materials are covered. It is critical to know the warranty of the roofing before doing a self-inspection since you do not have any desire to void a warranty. That can be expensive, and it isn’t justified, despite any potential benefits over the long haul. Your roofing worker for hire will know the warranty and they are only a call away.

Information on the Roof

Self-inspections sound incredible. Removing the outsider by keeping an eye on the roofing yourself. Intermittently, a self-reviewer won’t realize what to search for regarding releases, shaky areas, minor issues, up to all-out tears or issues. Minor issues are difficult to spot if you do not realize what to search for. Most huge issues get going as little ones. It is justified even despite your time and cash to recruit an expert worker for hire who has a sharp eye for little and huge issues the same. They will mention to you what should be fixed, and what can wait in an intensive report. Locate a confided in project work that knows commercial roofing. You won’t think twice about it.


Detecting a break or other roofing issue can be found quite without any problem. The issue is that you do not have the skill or materials to securely deal with the current issue. An approach to dodge the issue is to recruit an expert and get on an upkeep plan. This is extremely helpful as the worker for hire will perform inspections yearly, perform support on time, and be accessible for any release or issue that surfaces. Trust the expert to take care of business right and keep the roofing fit as a fiddle.

Is the self-inspection justified, despite any trouble? Short answer, no. Continuously check with the first installer on the roofing warranty. If there is a support plan, check with the worker for hire with any issues. They are there to help and fix any issues that emerge. Continuously recall that security is first.

Without a doubt, the roof is the most important part of any home, building, or structure, which is why the choice of roofing material is paramount. In New Zealand, many residential and commercial property owners trust NZ steel roofing materials to protect their homes and buildings, for good reasons.

It is completely normal for a building to reach the stage where it will require a re roof. Therefore if it is looking a bit shabby, starting to rust or you have found evidence of leaks from multiple places then chances are that now is a good time to get it inspected by one of our professional roofers.

Reroofing can come with an even greater risk than a new build as often the building in questions is full of possessions and the process will require some period of time for the building to be roofless. Therefore at Johnson Roofing we keep this front of mind when planning our Re Roofs and ensure the weather is monitored and plans altered accordingly.

Here are the risks and hazards of reroofing an existing structure.

Fall Risks

Indeed, even master roofers have had brushes with death with falling previously. 34% of falling wounds when material winds up being fatalities because of the genuine harm done by falling. You’re additionally managing huge loads of gear on the rooftop you can stumble on when you’re material also. This is one of the fundamental reasons material is so risky.

No one completes work on their rooftop except if there’s an issue. Because of this, when roofers jump on the rooftop there’s reasonable a wide scope of missing black-top shingles, bent shingles, and that’s just the beginning. On the off chance that they step in some unacceptable place and lose their balance, they could fall and seriously harm themselves. They can even fall through homes if enough harm has been done in one specific zone.

Terrible Perception

Individuals can likewise unexpectedly get terrified of statures and this can make their legs shudder. Rooftops are never totally level and simple to work with. If you judge the encompassing territory gravely, you’re in for a serious fall.

Johnson Reroofing service takes care of everything. From removing the old roof, to disposing of it, ordering the materials and then the laying of a replacement roof, a call to Johnson Roofing sees the rest left up to us. We set a realistic time frame for the jobs completion and most of all give you ample warning of any changes to the original timeline

It’s not just existing steel roofs that we can help with a re roof either. If your home has a Butynol, tile or shingle roof Johnson Roofing can also be of assistance in getting your home or commercial building looking fresh with a brand new steel roof. We offer our re roof service Auckland wide and are proud members of the RANZ, so get in touch today to book a time for one of our professionals to come out and see you.

Corrugated metal roofing is turning into a popular solution for architects and home developers, both in residential and commercial development. For many years, metal roofing has been viewed as a blemish to most and just had a reason in industrial applications. However, with the advances in the innovation of building materials, corrugated metal roofing is presently staying aware of the cutting edge style and feel of homes today. Below are reasons that make corrugated metal roofing a smart roofing solution for domestic and commercial properties.

With special coatings and treatments, presently corrugated metal roofing can withstand years of abuse like not many different materials can offer a property holder today. With legitimate treatment, rust no longer turns into an issue, assuring your new metal rooftop will have a long and healthy life and ensuring your speculation. It also assists with lessening energy costs as well. Outside of it keeping the components out, it assists with reflecting heat because of the properties of the metal. Since it is so lightweight, this also allows a thicker layer of insulation to be placed between the rooftop and the inside of your home, limiting energy misfortune through the rooftop while representing no extra weight trouble on your home’s backings.

The rooftop’s corrugated plan allows for a very solid plan in a lightweight material. By getting a gradually expanding influence through the metal, the strength is increased dramatically while having the option to utilize less of the material. This means that it will cost less to purchase the necessary amount and eliminates the weight of an unnecessary weight load on your home’s structure.

This can turn out to be exponentially more important if you live in an area of heavy snowfall as well since snow is incredibly heavy. Extraordinary blizzards compounded with a heavy rooftop have been known to cause collapse. Not exclusively could this be very costly to repair however it could have catastrophic outcomes? Actually, because of the installation procedures expected of corrugated metal roofing, it’s one our most weather verification choices available to us today. It has been referred to withstand tornadoes and hurricanes as well as the most hazardous weather conditions we could experience.

If you are needing another rooftop, think about the substantial advantages of corrugated metal roofing. With the cycles available to us today, it will last for many, many years while never rusting or getting damaged by weather. Its energy-saving characteristics will assist with decreasing your energy costs as well. And its lightweight properties will make sure there is no unnecessary weight being placed on your home’s structure.