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There are a lot of ways to protect your metal roof. One way to secure it is to install a gutter guard. Gutter guard differs in material, durability, and cost. You need only to carefully choose the most suitable gutter guard for your metal roof. If you haven’t installed a gutter guard for your metal roofing yet, then it is high time that you consider installing one to protect your metal roof. They may not be a mandatory component of your roofing system, but they can surely help in avoiding water damage to occur. To convince you of the importance of gutter guards, here are the reasons why they are an essential part of your metal roofing.

Avoid Potential Roof Damage

One of the reasons why gutter guards are an essential part of metal roofing is they avoid potential roof damage. Gutter guards protect your metal roof by ensuring water flow with no obstruction. Ensuring that the water flows in the right direction prevents the potential risk of water overflow and more serious damage.

Prevent Accumulation of Leaves and other Debris

Accumulation of leaves and other debris in the gutter of your metal roof can cause clog and eventual damage to your gutter. Gutter guards are an essential part of metal roofing because they help the accumulation of leaves and other debris. Gutter guards also filter dirt that can block the passage of the water in the gutter. That is why a gutter guard is a very essential addition to your metal roofing.

Allows Easy Water Passage

A gutter guard is an important part of yourmetal roofing because they ensure easy water passage. While they may not be mandatory, they are a vital component of your metal roof. They serve an important purpose and that is to keep your gutter free from leaves and any debris that can cause water blockage.

Knowing the essentiality of a gutter guard to your metal roofing is very important. If you are planning to install a gutter guard for your metal roof, have it done by a roofing professional. Contact us at Johnson Roofing. At Johnson Roofing, we do roof maintenance and regular inspection. We cater to both residential and commercial roofing maintenance and are focused on delivering quality and affordable service for everyone.At Johnson Roofing, we will provide you with the best roofing service. Whether it is for a new roof, re-roofing or maintenance, we can cater to all these roofing services depending on the service that you currently need. At Johnson Roofing, we also cater to industrial and commercial warehouse projects and our only focuses is on delivering quality and highest-grade NZ Steel roofing products.

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You must know the purpose that your gutter serves in your home. And that you must ensure that they work as intended. If you are one of those homeowners who tend to ignore the importance of maintaining it and cleaning it regularly and you need convincing about the importance of gutter cleaning and clearing, we have outlined in this blog the significance of regular gutter cleaning for your roof’s protection.

Keeps Your Home Safe and Your Roof toLast Longer

Regularly cleaning your gutter at home will help keep your home safe and your roof lasts longer.The last thing that you want to experience is the overflowing of water from your gutter because it was clogged with fallen leaves and twigs. Neglecting the important task of doingregular cleaning and checking your gutter can cause flooding in the internal and external areas of your home and will also cause your roof to leak easily.

Prevent Potential Risk of Bigger Damage on Your Roof

Understanding the significance of regular gutter cleaning for your roof’s protection will help you prevent the potential risk of bigger damage to your roof. A clogged gutter if left unmanaged, can give you a more serious problem and will leave bigger damage not only to your roof but also to your whole living space.

It is A Preventive Measure to Avoid Unexpected Damage Expense

Another reason why gutter cleaning is very important to protect your roof is that if it is blocked will not function properly, it will likely cause unexpected and unnecessary expenses for you in the future. Doing regular gutter cleaning is the best preventive measure that you can do to avoid this problem to happen sooner than you expected.

Avoid Expensive Repairs in The Future

Cleaning your gutter might be on the last of your list of home improvement priorities but knowing all its significance should alert you and include it on one of your top priorities. Expensive repairs can be avoided by regular upkeep. That is why it is very important to know how often you should clean your gutter so that you can avoid a possible disaster and you do not want that to happen to your living space.

Knowing the significance of gutter cleaning for your roof’s protection, you can now either do the periodic gutter cleaning yourself or have it done by a gutter cleaning professional. Here at Johnson Roofing, we do the roof checking and maintenance for you. We will give you the best advice on how you can take good care of your new roofs and what type of repairs must be done. We cater to both residential and commercial roofingand we are focused on delivering quality and affordable services for everyone.

There are so many types of industrial roofing available in the market nowadays. The most chosen industrial roofing for industrial and commercial warehouses is metal roofing, especially steel roofing. Steel roofing is one of the most common metal roofing systems used for industrial and commercial warehouses. Metal roofing systems for an industrial and commercial warehouses have increasingly become in demand in the industrial and commercial industries. It is increasingly a popular option for industrial and commercial warehouses for a lot of reasons. In this blog, we have listed some potential reasons why steel roofing is the best choice for industrial and commercial warehouses.


With the continuing increase in the construction cost every year, it is very important to find an economical roofing system for industrial and commercial warehouses. Steel roofing is the most ideal roofing for industrial and commercial warehouses because it can serve their purpose for a longer time than usual. Choosing steel roofing for your industrial or commercial warehouse means spending your money wisely and economically.


Steel roofing is the best choice for industrial and commercial warehouses because metal roofing specifically steel roofing, is known to be very durable. With the added coatings on steel roofs, it can surely protect your industrial or commercial warehouses and make your steel roofing last for decades.

Less Weight

Another potential reason why it is the best choice for industrial and commercial warehouses is that steel roofing has less weight compared to other roofing systems. Steel roofing can be easily transferred and carried from one place to another and will not put too much weight on the foundation of your industrial and commercial warehouses making it the best choice and the most convenient option for industrial and commercial warehouse owners.

Easily Installed

As we all know, building an industrial and commercial warehouse takes a longer time to complete. That is why steel roofing is the best choice for industrial and commercial warehouses because it can save a lot of construction time. Steel roofing installation is very easy and quick since it only requires the joining of the metal sheets and installing it categorically.


Steel roofing is very cost-efficient. The cost may be a bit higher than any other roofing materials, but you have to take into account that paying for a  much higher price can be compensated by the guaranteed longevity for your industrial and commercial warehouse. saves money and resources

At Johnson Roofing, they will provide you with the best roofing service. Whether it is for a new roof, re-roofing or maintenance, they can cater to all these roofing services depending on the service that you need now. Johnson Roofing caters to industrial and commercial warehouse projects and only focuses on delivering quality and highest grade NZ Steel roofing products.

Buildings and structures all over the world do not share the same type of weather conditions throughout their property life. Some may be exposed to rain for most months in a year, while others have to endure the heat from the sun and the surroundings for a very long time.

Variations in weather conditions can be associated with the differences in one’s location and its accompanying climate. For buildings and structures constructed in places with hot climates, contractors must ensure that their materials can withstand the high temperatures of their locations.

One material that contractors often use in properties built in hot climates is steel roofing. Here are some notable reasons why steel roofing is ideal for hot climates.

  1. Heat-Resistant

One of the reasons why steel roofing is ideal for hot climates is it is durable. Roofing is intended to withstand all elements that can damage the interiors and the structural integrity of properties. It must keep rain, wind, and heat from destroying other property elements. But when it comes to properties in hot climates, steel roofing is highly effective in enduring extreme heat and high amounts of heat thanks to its impervious surface. This specific quality prevents the roof systems and other property elements from cracking, curling, disintegrating, and drying out. It can even deter fire from destroying the property.

Aside from resisting heat, steel roofing is ideal for properties found in hot climates as it can withstand high winds. Areas that receive high temperatures throughout the year are known to yield high winds from time to time. While some roof types can withstand high temperatures, they may not survive the effects of strong winds. Steel roofing, fortunately, can be effective in resisting devastating wind effects as it can be locked and installed tightly thanks to its crimps, interlocks, and seams. 

The interiors of properties in hot climates can stay hot for a long time, which forces cooling appliances to spend more energy just to combat the heat. Now, with steel roofing, it can help the said appliances from combating heat thanks to its insulative and energy-efficient qualities. One insulative quality that steel roofing possesses is the ability to reflect radiant heat due to its special pigments. Another quality that it possesses is it can lose any attained heat to the surroundings once the sunlight recedes behind the clouds. Ultimately, metal roofing can stop conductive heat transfer thanks to its integrated airspace.

One more reason why steel roofing is great for hot climates is it can maintain superb appeal throughout its service life. Steel roofing is preferred by many property owners in hot climates since it can retain its appearance despite being exposed to damaging heat for a long time. Its integral coating and finish can prevent elements from infiltrating its surface, retaining its initial colour and shade. Steel roofing can likewise maintain its superb appeal as it can prevent algae from generating streaks and stains on its surface. The absence of algae then prolongs steel roofing’s service life effectively.

To acquire steel roofing on your property, you can contact us at Johnson Roofing.

Many owners of homes and buildings opt for steel roofing due to its accompanying benefits.

One of the benefits of steel roofing is it is durable. Steel roofing has been picked by many property owners for a very long time since it can practically last between 40 and 70 years. Its longevity is often associated with its excellent resistance to moisture, heat, fire, wind, and corrosion. Another benefit of steel roofing that has enticed many property owners is it is energy efficient. By installing this type of roofing, property owners can expect significant savings in energy as it can provide added layers of insulation.

But just like other roofing materials, steel roofing can still deteriorate faster if it is not checked and maintained regularly. If you are currently maximising steel roofing, here are some preventive maintenance tasks that you can do to retain its qualities and prolong its service life.

Clean the Gutters

The gutters of your roofing system are intended to get rid of accumulated leaves and debris. If these components remain uncleaned for a long time, they will find it difficult to remove rainwater away from your property. As the rainwater stays on your steel roofing, it will eventually infiltrate the roofing, which can lead to rotting and corrosion. Removing all leaves and debris out of your gutters can prevent water from accumulating on your steel roofing and damaging it along the way.

Cut Nearby Trees

Now, if you want to minimise the leaves on your steel roofing, then you may have to cut any trees near your property. Trees, especially those that have plenty of leaves, can generate debris that may be stuck on your roof and your gutters. Aside from their debris, they can effectively trap water on your roofing through twigs, cones, and needles, which can be harmful to your property in the future. Cutting or trimming them can reduce the number of dropping debris on your steel roofing.

Eliminate Algae

Algae and moss are elements that can easily destroy and damage your steel roofing system. As these elements spread further, they can conveniently generate dark stains on your roof, lessen your roof’s reflective ability, and make your property warmer. They can likewise decrease the curb appeal of your property, which can affect you once you want to sell it. Getting rid of algae and moss can prevent these things from happening and at the same time preserve the key parts of your steel roofing.

Cover Openings

Some portions of your steel roofing can be a great area for nests. However, as nests are generated, they can easily block the airflow of the roof vents, causing moisture damage on your property. The presence of nests on your roofing can also lead to the accumulation of sticks and leaves on your drainage and the generation of droppings that can cause health problems. They can likewise make your steel roofing look ugly. Hence, you must cover and seal roof eaves and other openings that are ideal for nests. If you need help maintaining your steel roofing, you can call us at Johnson Roofing.

Steel roofing is definitely the best choice of materials for warehouses and factories today. No other roofing material can surpass the effectiveness and efficiency of metal roofs for these commercial buildings.

Even if your factory or warehouse is near a fashionable section of town where aesthetics in exterior building design are of major concern, practical features like strength, durability and low maintenance are also quite important for your building’s roofing.

Four Main Reasons Why Factories and Warehouses Should Have Steel Roofing

Four important reasons why steel roofing is the best choice for factories and warehouses include the following:

1. Durable Low-Maintenance Material. In a busy warehouse or factory, a damaged or leaking roof can ruin stored inventories. This can lead to expensive roof repairs and costly product replacements. It may even stop operations completely while repairs are being made to the roof.

Colorbond steel roofing is specially designed and manufactured to withstand all types of extreme weather conditions. Its composition includes UV and corrosion protection to safeguard your valuable products and equipment. This type of metal roofing is low-maintenance and can last for many years.

2. Easy Installation. Metal roofing is relatively easy to install on factory and warehouse buildings. This is due to the fact that these roofs do not have the insulation that home roofs have. Also, the roofs of these commercial buildings are generally flat, and the supporting rafters are usually widely spaced.

With this type of construction, the majority of factory and warehouse roofs cannot support heavier materials for roofing like tile. The lighter weight and easy installation that metal roofing offers make it the ideal choice of material for the roofs of these buildings.

3. Fire Resistance. Factories and warehouses have a much greater risk of fire breakouts than do many other types of business. For this reason, they must take extra measures to ensure fire safety. Since metal roofing is non-combustible, it is well-suited for use on these industrial structures.

Colorbond steel roofs are especially helpful in supporting good fire safety. They can lessen the risk of a roof and wall collapse during a fire by withstanding any structural contraction or expansion caused by excess heat. Yet if a partial building collapse should occur, the lightweight metal roof can limit any resulting damage.

4. Metal Roofs Last.
Strong yet lightweight metal roofing is a good long-term investment for your warehouse or factory. These roofs can last for decades. In fact, Colorbond steel roofs typically last for more than 50 years. Colorbond is manufactured with top-quality durable coatings that can protect your industrial roof from rust and corrosion.

By consulting our experts at Johnson Roofing located in Albany, Auckland, you will receive top-quality reasons concerning why steel roofing is best for factories and warehouses. Our experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal steel roofing material to ensure the ultimate quality lightweight, durable and fire-resistant roof for your factory or warehouse.

Oftentimes, property owners ignore the advice to replace their old gutters and downpipes when they receive a new roof installation only for their negligence to come back to haunt them later. What happens is that the downpipes and gutters fail to provide the ideal water drainage that their new roof needs to protect their structure sufficiently. Also, improper drainage can cause issues for other parts of the building. That is why when you replace your roof with a new one, you should always install new gutters and downpipes as well. If you need further reasons for this besides our word, refer to the following details.

Old Gutters and Downpipes May Work Loose during the Roof Installation

Depending upon the complexity of your new roof installation, your old downpipes and gutters might work loose during the process. When this occurs, the water will drain off the roof –  in between the gutters and downpipes, instead of through them. Replacing these elements at the same time as the roof prevents this issue.

Aged Gutters and Downpipes Can Leak

Another reason to replace old downpipes and gutters during a new roof installation is the fact that they might be leaking. Leaks will keep the water from draining through the right channels, so to speak, for the downpipes to guide it away from the structure. The water will drain through the leaks rather than along the intended route.

Improper Drainage Can Damage Elements of the New Roof

Insufficient drainage can damage the structural elements of the new roof, such as the fascia, roof tiles or sections, and sheathing. As a result, you will require roof repairs far sooner than you should with a new roof.

Foundation Damage Can Occur Due to Gutters and Downpipes Being in Poor Condition

One issue that can happen due to gutters and downpipes in poor condition is foundation damage from standing water coming into contact with the house at ground level. When the gutter system does not channel the water down from the roof, and away from the house efficiently, the water can puddle right next to the house. It can seep into the foundation where it can soften and even crack it.

For additional reasons, old gutters and downpipes should also be replaced when new roofs are installed, consult with Johnson Roofing. We specialise in installing high-quality NZ steel roofing materials in the Auckland area of Australia. Our company will provide a no-obligation quote upon request. Also, we issue a five-year workmanship guarantee on all of our roof installations.

At Johnson Roofing, we have made it our entire business model to ensure that our customers have high-quality roofs that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Since opening our door in 2013, we’ve worked hard to spread both our professional services. And this includes our knowledge. We are firm believers in the value that steel roofing can add to a business or residential building. And for that reason, we will focus on learning about the importance of proper maintenance. Today’s discussion will be centred on the hazardous effects of neglecting your steel roofing without having a maintenance plan in place.

Importance of Maintenance for Steel Roofs

If you consider either purchasing a steel roof or having your old steel roof repaired, you probably will become aware of them any benefits of the material. Steel roofing is an incredibly popular choice for people in Auckland — and a good reason. Steel roofing offers a host of benefits. That includes durability that leads to longevity to the many different aspects of convenient usage. With that being said, steel roofing still needs to be properly maintained. You can maximise the effectiveness of the material and the health of your roof. What can happen if you neglect to pay attention or maintain your steel roof? We’re glad that you asked. Here are a few different problems you can run into by ignoring steel roof maintenance.

1. Storm Damage – Steel roofing is a popular style of roofing for people where harsh weather is relatively commonplace. With that being said, steel roofing isn’t impermeable. If your roof is damaged during a storm and you don’t properly repair it through routine maintenance, your issues can worsen dramatically.

2. Debris Collection – When you forego routine roofing maintenance, your steel roof can start to take on heavy debris. Heavy debris can damage your roof over time. Ignoring debris buildup can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your roof, no matter if it is strong steel or not.

3. Roof Leaks – While it is extremely hard to penetrate steel roofing, it can still happen. Leaks are often ignored when they are small. And it will eventually grow into larger problems. Catching these leaks early is an essential aspect of your maintenance plan.

Steel roofing can be the ultimate solution to your residential or commercial needs. Making sure to have a proper maintenance plan in place is integral to the longevity and quality of your steel roof. If you are ready to take the plunge and schedule routine roof maintenance, reach out and call us today.

We opened the doors to Johnson Roofing in 2013. Since then, we have gone from strength to strength due to our perfect work record and fair pricing. We appreciate how important the roof is for your home or building and work with you to ensure a fix that lasts for years. We service the entire Auckland region from Orewa to Manukau, offer no-obligation quotes and stand by our work.

At Johnson Roofing, we have made it our business to help lead customers to the roofing solutions required while focusing on their budget and overall roofing quality. We’ve found that many customers in and around our service area are growing increasingly interested in installing solar panels along with metal roofing. For some reason, this combination is not as well-known as we would hope. Today, we will discuss how installing solar panels on a metal roof can lead to a host of different benefits.

Solar Panels & Metal Roofing

Next to peanut butter and jelly, we aren’t sure if there is a better combination than solar panels and metal roofing. Solar panels and metal roofing each have a host of benefits that customers all over New Zealand have been able to appreciate. However, when you combine the two, you end up with something even better. Let’s break down, why metal roofing and solar panels are so effective together.

1. Solar panels mount easily on metal roofs.

If you don’t have metal roofing, you have to install your solar panels by drilling into your actual roof. This is an issue with many homeowners. However, thanks to metal roofing, mounting is easier than ever. There are multiple mounting options, such as quick mount systems implemented to install your solar panels without fear of damage.

2. Energy efficiency boosts the effectiveness of solar panels.

Metal roofs are already energy-efficient, and this makes their pairing with solar panels even more beneficial. A reflective roof, such as metal roofing, will reduce temperatures at the point of contact on top of your home. A reduction in temperature means that your solar panels will operate more efficiently, thus extending your usage and the lifespan of your solar panels.

3. Metal roofing and solar panels make a long-lasting, eco-friendly combo.

Solar panels are revered for their longevity among most professional models lasting upwards of 25 to 30 years. Metal roofs are also one of the most durable ways you can roof your home, and this means that the roof will likely outlive your already long-lasting solar panels. Combined, you have a roof that only needs periodic maintenance to perform at peak efficiency for a prolonged period.

If these benefits have prepared you to take the solar plunge, now is a perfect time. Call up the office here at Johnson Roofing, and our certified professional technicians will guide you through the process.

Focusing on quality means we only use the highest grade NZ Steel roofing products. We give our customers the peace of mind that their roof is built to last, and will be covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty (in some cases your roof can be covered for up to 30 years).

Being a small to medium-sized business we can often offer a lower price on the same roof than some of our bigger competitors. This is simply due to us not having the same level of overhead costs to factor into the price for your roofing project as they might have to. Our team are friendly, and we are available for a no-obligation quote at your convenience, Auckland wide.

Commercial roofs pose a challenge when selecting the best roofing materials to protect them sufficiently over the years due to their lack of pitch. While numerous different materials will be adequate for the task, steel roofing outperforms some of them. That is why it is one of the popular choices today for these roofs. Refer to the details below to learn more on why steel roofing is ideal for an expansive flat commercial roof.

Commercial flat roofing is not as aesthetically pleasing as residential roofing. However, it is a solid, dependable, and long-lasting type of roofing, if it is maintained properly. It is a type of roof that has many benefits. It is also easy to erect and used to cover large areas such as parking spaces and outdoor dining. It is also used to cover machinery and equipment and to protect livestock from the elements.

Longevity of the Steel Roofing

The prime reason to turn to steel roofing for a large flat commercial roof is that it lasts for 70 years. In comparison, asphalt tiles last 20 years max usually. Therefore, asphalt tiles are not recommended for this type of roof since you will need to replace the tiles at least twice, if not three times, with just one steel roof. This means that the asphalt roofs can wind up costing more over the years than investing in a durable steel roof.

Flexibility of Design

Since there is a wide assortment of profiles for steel roofing available today, you have the flexibility of design with it for your expansive flat commercial roofs. Each profile provides a unique appearance to your roof.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Steel roofing is easy to clean and requires low, if any, maintenance throughout its lifespan. You should keep a steel roof as free of debris as possible to prevent organic elements from damaging it. However, this is easy to do since elements do not adhere to steel as readily as other roofing materials. If a repair is required, it is quick and easy to perform as long as it is a minor issue.


Another benefit of steel roofing is that you can recycle it when it is time for a new one. Also, your new steel roof will contain a certain amount of recycled steel. This recycling reduces the need for raw ore and the excessive energy it takes to process it into steel.

Steel Roofing Is Safe and Energy Efficient

Another reason to install steel roofing on your large flat commercial roof is that it is fire resistant and ideal even in fire-prone areas. On top of this, steel roofs are energy-efficient and can reduce your cooling costs up to 25 per cent.

For further details about how steel roofing is ideal for an expansive flat commercial roof, consult with Johnson Roofing. We will analyse your roofing needs. We will also provide you with expert guidance and present you with a personalised, accurate quote.