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When your steel roofing requires maintenance to keep it in a functional, and attractive condition, you must choose the right time of the year to perform it. In most parts of this country, spring is considered the ideal time for preventive steel preventive steel roofing maintenance. Below, we share with you some reasons why you need to schedule roofing tasks during this time of the year to better illustrate our point.

Spring Season Temperatures Are Pleasant

Spring season temperatures are pleasant enough for the roofers to work without issue. This means fewer delays, especially for complex preventive steel roofing tasks, such as re-roofing or installing new roofs.

Roofing Companies Are More Available in the Spring

Most roofing companies are not in high demand during the spring since property owners have different plans in mind for the time and money at this time of the year. As a result, you can schedule your preventive maintenance easily when it is convenient for you without needing to wait. Choose another time of the year, and you may need to wait months to receive preventive steel roofing maintenance.

Preventive Roof Maintenance Is Less Expensive in the Spring

Since the roofing companies are not as busy in the spring as they are at other times of the year, they are more likely to cut you an affordable deal on your steel roofing needs. Certain repairs and replacements for roofs that are a part of maintenance can be quite pricey during the busy season. You can use the savings on other home or building improvements if you require them.

Prepares the Roof for the Rest of the Year

Another reason that the spring is the perfect time for a preventive steel roofing maintenance project is that you can prepare your steel roof for the rest of the year. After all, you might have a vacation planned for the summer and then, autumn and winter bring numerous holiday festivities with them. The last thing you want to do during those seasons is to have roofing tasks performed on your house, so hire the roofing companies in the spring and free up the rest of the year for more enjoyable plans, projects and even trips. In the event, that your structure is a commercial one, you may have many business projects coming up in the months ahead that you need your building ready for to ensure no issues happen.

For further information about why the spring season is the right time of year for preventive steel roofing maintenance, consult with Johnson Roofing. Our company performs a full line of roofing services from simple maintenance and repairs to complex roof replacements.

Repairing your home involves investing both cash and energy and one normal aspect of your home that requirements repair now and again is the roof. Roof repair is both costly and also – tedious. Nonetheless, a few property owners have already taken a stab at doing their roofs and some even made changes, for example, putting roof to their homes. You’re most likely reasoning presently, “I’m pretty sure I can do my roof as well.” Right? Indeed, reconsider.

Do it yourself (DIY) reroofing isn’t something that everybody can do and it is important to lead a ton of research before choosing to handle it without anyone else. While a few property owners can do it all alone, most can’t and this results in high costs, harm and different issues. So before you choose to do your roof, here are a few pros and cons DIY reroofing.

Pros of DIY Reroofing

You’ll have the option to set aside cash. Having a roof repair isn’t modest and you could set aside cash if you do it without anyone’s help. You can do it on your timetable. At the point when you choose to search for a professional to fix your roof, you may need to consult first with their timetable. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you choose to do it all alone, you can do it at your comfort. You will feel achievement on the off chance that you are ready to do it all alone.  You can likewise do it as indicated by your style and taste. By doing your roof, you will have the option to include what you like, for example, including roof access.

Cons of DIY Reroofing

You may wind up going through more cash on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea what you are doing or if you wind up treating it terribly – You should call a professional this time and purchase extra materials to re-carry out the responsibility. You may struggle to get the best possible materials and grants that are essential, which a professional roofing temporary worker can.

Your wellbeing is an essential concern. Roofers have been repairing roofs for quite a while and strolling around on a slanting, elusive roof is an aptitude they have acquired through long periods of involvement.

At the point when you choose to make changes, for example, including roof access (which needs a professional’s recommendation and abilities), you may need to confront the issue of checking the professional’s timetable, both for review and while carrying out the responsibility. And this may require significant investment. Any roof type venture must be drawn nearer with a ton of arranging and alert to keep away from wounds and wrong establishment. This is the reason it is critical to consider the pros and cons of doing the roof repair yourself. On the off chance that you have the important information and aptitudes in playing out the roof repair, at that point, do it without anyone else’s help. In any case, if you don’t have the foggiest idea what the issue is, at that point the best activity is to call a professional at any rate for a review.

Dealing with roof problems on your own can be tempting. With the advent of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that guarantee great results for a bargain, more people are opting for DIY, instead of hiring roofing professionals because they are motivated by the belief that they will save money. But it is exactly this kind of thinking that has gotten hundreds of homeowners into dangerous (and costly) situations; situations that have ended in hospitalization and additional expenses on repairs.

It seems that many property owners are unaware of the hazards associated with rooftop safety, thankfully there is information below to help educate people about the concerns of rooftop hazards. Here are the most common safety hazards in roofing.

Falls and Injury

The risk of falling is great when traversing on roofs, particularly for people who are not trained and equipped properly with safety gear. The lack of safety equipment such as portable railings and a harness can increase your chances of getting slipping and falling when traversing from one part of the roof to the other. However, equipping yourself is not enough. Without training, you might not only slip and fall when walking on the roof, but you could also unknowingly cause damage to your roof.

Roof Integrity and Ladder Placement

For people without any knowledge or training on how to mount a roof, it can very difficult to determine which areas are solid enough to step on, without causing damaging to the roof. Professionals, on the other hand, can determine if the underlayment of a roof is structurally sound before performing roof maintenance services. Proper placement of the ladder is also very important, since it too has been known to cause not only roof and gutter damage, but personal injuries when improperly placed and used to mount roofs.

Unprotected Roof Sides and Edges

Roofs with a split-level design have unprotected sides and edges, which can further increase the risk of falling and damage caused by improper placement of ladders against the roof and gutter.

Steep Roof Height

The height of a roof can also increase the risk of injury that is because the higher you go the more dangerous it becomes. Any height that reaches 6 feet or more will require protective equipment to prevent falls.

Untrained Roof Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining a roof is no simple task, and there are many aspects of the process that requires training, to prevent personal injury and property damage. These include edge awareness, or being constantly aware of roof edges to prevent accidents, and the proper application of safety gear.

Thankfully in Auckland, professionals like Johnson Roofing Ltd. are fully equipped and trained to take care of your roofing problems, safely and efficiently.

Home and building owners incur many expenses throughout the life of their structures as far as maintenance and repair tasks are concerned. Re-roofing is one of these tasks, but it is not always an expense since it often is an investment in the overall condition of a structure. You should consider re-roofing is an investment instead of just another expense. Here is how you can increase the value of your home through residential reroofing.

Residential Re-Roofing Maintains Your Structure’s Value

When the roof is in needs a re-roofing, it can negatively affect the value of your structure, especially when the issues are highly visible by all who approach your home or building. As a result, returning your roof to a durable and an attractive condition will maintain and possibly improve the structure’s value at least $12,000 or more depending upon its size. You will benefit from this in different ways, including receiving approval on higher amounts in an equity line of credit on your home or building if you ever need additional funds, and you might sell your home faster and/or receive a better price on it, as we discuss further in the next section.

Residential Re-Roofing Helps You Sell Your House or Building

Even when the re-roofing does not increase the value of your structure, it will help you sell it for your asking price more easily. Typically, prospective buyers will not buy a structure that requires a new roof. They do not have the money to purchase the structure only to turn around and also pay for the re-roofing of it. However, they will be easily enticed into purchasing a structure that has a roof that is in optimal condition.

Residential Re-Roofing Ensures Proper Protection of the Rest of Your Structure

Another reason to consider an investment instead of an expense is the fact that the roof will provide the proper protection to the rest of your structure. It will not only ensure that water will not seep into your sheathing, roof supports, ceilings and walls, it will also help water drain off and away from the structure instead of pooling next to the foundation where is can cause deterioration to occur. This deterioration can cause further damage to the interior and exterior of the structure leading to massive expenditures to remedy all of the problems. For further information about why residential re-roofing can be an investment rather than an expense and how it can increase the value of your home, contact Johnson Roofing. We are experts in re-roofing, new roof and roof maintenance services and will guide you in the right direction for your roofing needs. Also, we back our projects with a guarantee of our workmanship and materials.

Roofing is fundamental to the integrity and look of your home. Extreme weather or wear after some time implies costly repairs or replacements. Be that as it may, it is important to know and prepare for the costs of repairs and replacements or if it is even necessary. It truly relies upon a wide scope of factors, which you’ll find if you read on below.

Extent of Repairs

The size of the fix is probably the greatest factor that determines the cost of the activity. Positions like fundamental roof support or fixing up a solitary break may not be costly. Notwithstanding, if your roof is seriously harmed and needs full-scale reclamation, costs will rapidly increase. The cost of roofing administrations is normally on a for each square meter area. In roofing terms, a square is a 10-foot, square-formed territory. Tiles are sold by the square, which means you might be charged for a square regardless of whether your fix is littler than 10 feet.

Type of Roof

The kind of roof you have on your home fundamentally impacts fix costs. Roofs come in all shapes and sizes including level or slanted, high or low pitch and can be made of metal or tiles. Bigger roofs may include more costs, however this relies more upon the extent of harm. Low incline and level roofs may inclined to broad harm from high breezes and weighty downpour over the totally of the roof, expanding costs.

Metal roofing incorporates treated zinc-aluminium, otherwise called Colorbond, and untreated zinc-aluminium. Metal roofing is commonly more affordable, simpler to keep up and more adaptable. Tiled roofing, generally made of earthenware, cement or record, are amazingly tough. Nonetheless, they can be more troublesome and therefore costly to fix and keep up.

Unpredictability of Work

A roof fix can be convoluted by an assortment of factors depending on your situation. Other inconveniences incorporate an especially expensive roof, considering the proximity of other components like a stack and lookout windows, a perplexing roof structure and unordinary board guidelines that apply to your home.

The quantity of floors on your home additionally adds to the general roof fix cost per m2. That’s since work environment wellbeing and security measures are legally necessary for work did on different story structures. On the off chance that there are blocks or intricacies engaged with, fixing or supplanting your roof, your roofing contractual worker may need to utilise particular apparatus or instruments.

Nature of Craftsmanship

The skill and craftsmanship of the roofing contractor or worker for your repairs is another factor. Work completed by less experienced experts utilising lower quality materials will cost less. Be that as it may, it merits putting resources into somebody who will work superbly, or you may wind up organising to get your roof fixed again sooner rather than later.

While residential roofs and their structure are made from durable and strong materials, they still need to be maintained regularly to make sure they work well and retain vital properties. Additionally, roof maintenance allows you to have adequate time to prepare for replacements since it can prolong the service life of the roof. Any structural damage on the roofing and building’s interior can also be avoided if there is a good preventative maintenance plan. To better preserve your residential roofs, here are some of the most important roof maintenance tips for homeowners that you can do and follow.

Inspect Roof Components

Before performing any cleaning and repairs, you must inspect certain areas of the roof first. A visual inspection of the whole roof system such as the roof surface, roof penetrations, and sealant must be done to assess the condition of their parts and components. For your roof surface, seams, and transitions, keep an eye out for holes and cracks that must be fixed. Some roof surface even has missing gravel or exposed felts that must also be repaired right away.

Pipes, drains, and other related parts that are visible through the roof surface are known as roof penetrations. These parts must be inspected since they are prone to leaks. Any accompanying components of roof penetrations like HVAC units, conduits, and others must also be examined for leaks or damages. The presence of these problems typically means that they must be professionally repaired.

The sealant of the residential roof system must also be inspected since they tend to crack, deteriorate, and leave openings over time. Sealant failures normally occur around roof penetrations and perimeter flashings. This part must be inspected and repaired regularly to avoid further roof damages.

Remove Loose Debris

Loose debris like dirt, gravel, leaves, and twigs tend to accumulate on roof surfaces. Without any regular cleaning and inspection, these elements can slowly damage and add weight to the roof surface and other related components. These things can also serve as a catch basin for water, which adds a significant level of moisture to the roof surface. The presence of moisture on roof surfaces and components will not only damage them in the long run and but also causes mould and algae to grow and proliferate. As a preventative measure, you must regularly remove all the loose debris on your roof surface.

Clear Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can cause huge problems to your home since moisture can penetrate both your roof surface and interior components. Therefore, you must unclog your field and auxiliary drains to eliminate ponding. Any light debris and build-up of elements must be removed thoroughly by flushing them out with water and pipe brush.

Repair Roof Components

Residential building owners tend to just wait for their roofing to be completely damaged. Fixing a significantly damaged residential roof will not only cost you more repair expenses, but it can also affect your home. So, part of the roof preventative maintenance for roofs is the repair of roof components and surfaces even if their damages are still minimal. Repairing small damages and defects right away can significantly save you more than waiting for your entire roof to fall apart. Following these roof maintenance tips for your residential roofs allows you to preserve the quality of your roof surface and components and manage expenses more effectively.

A steel roofing installation is a consistent investment for protecting resources through the span of a building’s life. It is a perfect rooftop for some school, open works, and commercial buildings. Steel roofing installation is a well-known decision among those who opt for commercial projects. Below are reasons why you should choose steel roofing installations for commercial roofing projects in Auckland.


One preferred benefit of steel roofing installation is how long the rooftop will last. Steel roofing installation can keep going for more than 50 years, very nearly multiple times up to a black-top shingled rooftop. Steel roofing installation is extreme, which additionally implies it is low-maintenance. It is unpaved by damaging components including; solid winds, intense warmth, rain, day off, decay. Its smooth surface additionally accommodates most extreme rain and snow shedding, protecting the structure from rain damage.

The main thing you should think about putting a steel roofing installation on is that, when you do it, you’ll most likely never need to stress over replacing the rooftop again. Most steel roofing installations will keep going for in any event 30 years. In any case, many will keep going for a long time, if not longer than that. For whatever length of time that you have a legitimate roofing organization install your it, it’s not going anyplace at any point shortly. Steel roofing installations are created to withstand nearly anything and will outlive the various rooftops available today.

Insulation and Fire Safety

Metal mirrors the beams of the sun, keeping the inside of the building cool during late morning heat. This permits the cooling unit within the building to run simpler and set aside energy and cash. Likewise, steel roofing installations help to forestall the spread of fire. The rooftops are non-combustible and can shield resources from fire, that is spreading from different territories.


Getting a steel roofing installation is a moderately lightweight decision contrasted with other roofing choices. Tile can weigh around 750 pounds for each square and solid tile can weigh as much as 900 pounds for every square. Most steel roofing installations weigh between 50-150 pounds for each square, putting substantially less strain on the structure it sits upon than the other rooftop assortments do.

Ease and Convenience

Steel roofing installation shingles come in enormous sizes; somewhere in the range of 12 and 36 inches wide. The wide boards, combined with their lightweight causes steel roofing installation to run significantly quicker and smoother than different choices. This implies your structure will be ensured as quickly as time permits.

Money Savings

Although steel roofing installation costs can initially be higher than other roofing choices, they have an exceptional yield on investment. Since steel roofing installations are so tough, they outlive different sorts of roofing materials. This implies you may need to pay to re-try a rooftop made of different materials 2 or multiple times before it endures up to a steel roofing installation. Steel roofing installation fix and upkeep is additionally less expensive after some time because of the rooftop’s capacity to oppose the components. These characteristics take into consideration a steel roofing installation to ensure a building with minimal maintenance necessities, saving you from rooftop fix expenses.


Perhaps the greatest advantage of steel roofing installation is that there isn’t a ton of maintenance to do on it. You may likewise need to wash it down now and again and finish it up with paint if it gets scratched up – however for the most part steel roofing installations are without maintenance.

Everybody needs a home that feels important. For a few, the most ideal approach to have a significant home is to do house renovations frequently and to create a look of extravagance around the property. All things considered, in case you’re not interested in doing these things and you need to increase the general estimation of your home, there are little changes you can make to your structure’s synthesis.

One of the most effective changes you can make is another metal roof. In case you’re planning to sell your home anytime in the future, replacing your metal roof with another one may be the best approach. Underneath, you can discover more about your home’s estimation is influenced by a metal roof.

About the Resale Value

When you’re planning to sell your home in the future, you have to settle on choices that increase your home’s resale esteem. Claiming a home that has another roof, for instance, is perhaps the most ideal approaches to sell your home for more cash later.

A significant advantage of having a metal roof is that your home’s resale worth will be increased by up to six percent. You should remember that this rate is compared to roofs that are made with black-top shingles as material. In most of the United States, including Washington, you’ll get back practically the entirety of your speculation. Most property holders will recoup up to 95% of the cash they put resources into the metal roofs.

Life Span

This is, maybe, the greatest advantage of replacing your roof with a metal roof. That is on the grounds that most roofs will last a couple of decades; in the mean time having a metal roof will imply that your home has ensured security for the following 40 to 70 years. For a few, this implies they won’t have to have the roof replaced during the entire span of their homeownership.


Metal roofs have more benefits than a great deal of different materials. That is on the grounds that they don’t consume a similar way that different roofs do. A few roofs break under tension or they decay because of outside conditions; in any case, metal roofs are sufficiently secure to keep up these outer conditions. Metal roofs require less upkeep than most of different materials. You don’t have to stress over tiles breaking or shingles tumbling off, therefore, you don’t have to have your roof repaired as frequently.


Some roofing material isn’t as protected as metal roofs. That is on the grounds that a few materials are powerless to flooding. When a roof tile breaks, for instance, this leaves a piece of your roof defenseless against holes and floods. Water will pool in these spots and before long, you’ll must have your roof repaired.

Energy Efficiency

There’s nothing more regrettable than having a home that retains too much warmth in Summer. With the warming atmosphere, you can never be too careful and the more vitality effective your house is, the better. Fortunately metal roofs are reflective and all things considered, they reflect sun based warmth without any problem. By utilizing metal roofs, at that point, you can assist with reducing your power utilization since you won’t have to spend as much cash on cooling frameworks.

Eco-Friendly This touches a little on what we already talked about. For a certain something, when you have a metal roof, you’re reducing your energy utilisation. This altogether reduces your carbon impression and reduces the quantity of greenhouse gasses you transmit.

In the old days, the choices for roofing were copper, lead, tin-covered iron, and metal-covered steel. Tin-covered flexible iron was disappearing at that point. Copper and metal moved roofs were well known during that vintage – metal all the more so in light of the fact that it was more affordable.

With respect to specific roof, it is not surprising to see a copper, lead, or lead-covered copper roof last 150 or even 170 years. There are numerous models in Europe, and a couple in the States, that are considerably more seasoned. In any case, since you notice a roof painter, it appears to be likely this is a metal roof, not copper or lead. Lead and copper roofs are seldom painted; metal steel roofs must be cleaned and painted intermittently.

Galvanised Metal Roofs Basics

On the off chance that they are kept up that way, in any case, galvanised metal roofs additionally can keep going quite a while. A ton of galvanised metal roofs are a decent 100 years of age. To state a galvanised metal roof would most recent 170 years may be optimistic, however it’s not feasible if the roof has been very much kept up throughout the years – particularly if it’s situated in a generous atmosphere like that in a portion of the drier regions

Perceive too that the cutting edge materials you may supplant this historic roof with would likely not be as strong as the first material. The more well known electrifies metals utilized today are covered carbon steel and aluminium. You can for the most part anticipate that 40 should 60 years out of those on the off chance that they are introduced appropriately. Notwithstanding, no painted finish on those materials will keep going that long. The present premium plant paint choices will go 35 years, best case scenario.

Supplanting a roof can be one of the most huge costs a property holder needs to manage, which is the reason organizing a dependable roof is so significant. As property holders look to augment the lifespan of their roofs, it is unsurprising that private galvanised metal roofing has been picking up consistently in notoriety. galvanised metal roofing is one path for mortgage holders to expand their roofs lifespan as well as add excellence to their home.

What Is The Life Span Of A Galvanized Roof?

Galvanised metal roofs can most recent fifty years or more. That implies that for some mortgage holders a galvanised metal roof will be the last roof they buy. Galvanised metal roofs are likewise resistant to contracting, dissolving, and breaking making them ready to withstand extraordinary weather conditions like substantial day off hail storms. This solidness implies that stirred galvanised metal roofing requires rare support or substitution. Ordinarily, a brisk yearly examination for minor upkeep is such Is expected to keep galvanised metal roof in working request.

How Does the Life Span of a Galvanized Metal Roof Compare to Shingles?

Black-top shingles are one of the most well-known roofing materials in light of the fact that generally they were the choice that was generally affordable. Sadly, lower forthright expenses are often exceeded by a shorter lifespan and much of the time required support. It is basic for property owners to pick the substrate and covering on their excited galvanised metal boards that coordinate their drawn out presentation desires. There are numerous substrates and coatings available which is the reason it is crucial for property holders to work with an organization or contractual worker with the experience important to assist them with choosing the best boards for their home. Reach us whenever, and we will assist you with finding the correct boards, substrate, and covering to meet your private roofing needs.

Metal roofing is gaining popularity more and more each day because more homeowners nowadays are opting for a sustainable and energy efficient construction. Metal roofing adapted to the needs that rose during the 21st century. This enabled the roofing technology to birth a more durable and efficient alternative to the otherwise traditional and continuously-replenishing roofing materials. Below are reasons why metal roofing is becoming more popular.

Metal Roofing Basics

Metal roofing is considered as the superior choice as compared to other traditional roofing materials. Metal roofing suppliers enabled the construction of roofing materials that would fare well with solar energy, green construction, and 21st century technology. They also have several roofing benefits that would assure homeowners that they made the right choice.

Metal Roofing Benefits

Metal roofing are considered to have a durable design – proven to last for half a century or even more. They are also known for their low maintenance roofing due to the fact that they need no regular repairs or replacement. Metal roofing also offers extra insulation for those cold months and they have superior energy efficiency. They are known to offer protection during the harsh weather with high winds. Because they are less likely to get damaged they offer long term warranty which in turn would promote cost savings through energy efficiency and reduced labour costs. Aside from that, they also promote quick and efficient construction. Metal roofing is an option that will withstand climate change. They are both a safe fireproof roofing option with superior cooling and insulation and they have easy to install solar panels. You can definitely save a lot on demolition if you decide on installing metal roofing over an old roof. You don’t have to worry about termites or moisture and you will definitely be protected from wildfires and extreme weather conditions.

Metal Roofing as the Modern Roofing Solution

Metal roofing will not only last for a long time, it will also protect you and your family against harsh weather conditions. It is adaptable to almost any type of weather or climate, so metal roofing construction is the future of roofing and home building. Metal roof installation usually takes less time than a traditional roof. Save on time and costs associated with human error. Many times you can install a metal roof over an older roof.

Choose the professionals at Johnson Roofing for your metal roofing installation. Our seasoned professionals would guarantee superior workmanship and excellent customer service. We will happily answer any of your roofing questions. With the most trusted metal roof installation team in the region, you can trust Johnson Roofing to provide you with the high quality installation you deserve. Contact us today.