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According to statistics, the most common damage that happens in a house or other structure during windy weather is in the roofing systems. For this reason, property owners should ensure that their roofs will stand up as resiliently as possible in high wind conditions. To accomplish this goal, you need to look at not only the roofing material but also at the construction of it. While certain roofing systems fall short of being durable in high winds, standing seam metal roofing systems are not among them.

Styles of Metal Roofs Are Not All Equal in Durability

You can find metal roofs made to look like shingles or tiles today. Also, there are ones that have exposed fasteners. None of these perform as well as the standing seam ones do in windy conditions, though, due to their construction.

The Metal Panels Must Be Top Quality to Withstand the Impact of Heavy Winds Durably

Another influence on how durable standing seam roofing systems are in high winds is their quality. You should never choose a roofer on price alone. Select one that uses only the best of materials for installing this style of roofing system on your house or building.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems Need to Be Properly Installed to Ensure Their Wind Resistance

On top of the metal panels being high quality, the installation needs to be skilfully performed in the right fashion for your specific roof to guarantee it holds up in wind as well as possible. This includes all structural components, flashing, metal panels, fasteners, gutters and more. The roofer also should customise the installation to suit the pitch of your structure. If the fasteners are placed too far apart, it reduces the ability of the standing seam roof to handle the impact from heavy winds. The spacing should be from 7 cm to 30 cm, depending on the wind load that the roof must handle. Also, the ribs need a spacing of 30 cm. You might think the standing seams will be a problem, but the opposite is true since they actually have a strong influence on the wind resistance of the roof.

Turn to a Reputable Company for Your Standing Seam Metal Roof

The only way to guarantee that you will receive a quality standing seam roofing system is to rely on a reputable roofing company to install it for you. Johnson Roofing is one such company, and we will answer all your questions before we design and install the ideal standing seam metal roof for your structure. All work and materials come with a guarantee for your protection.

We just wanted to say thanks to James, Tai & host team. We are very happy with out new roof, especially my Dad, a retired builder who put the original roof up 56 years ago, but now 80 is not steady on a ladder anymore, as much as he would like to be!”

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One of the most crucial components of your home or building is the roof since it prevents natural elements from damaging exterior and interior areas of it. Sadly, there are plenty of shoddy, low-quality roofers out there who are just out for your money and not dedicated to delivering quality results. They leave numerous signs of a bad roofing job in their wake that are good reasons for you to hire only a reputable roofing contractor to repair or replace in case you have an issue with your present roof due to poor workmanship or materials. We share some of these signs with you in the following information.

Your Original Issue Still Exists

A major sign of a poor roofing job is when your original issue still plagues you. Whether it is a leak or other problem, a roofer should remedy it completely before he signs off on your projects.

Roofing Material Is Misaligned

Regardless of the type of roofing material that the roofer installed on your house or building, it should be aligned in the proper manner for the integrity of the roof as well as its overall appearance. Anything less than this, you will need to call out a reputable roof contractor to solve the issue.

Stains Are Present

When stains are present on the roof’s exterior surface, this is a sign that the water is not draining properly off the roof. On the other hand, if there are stains on the underside of its structure, it is a sign of leaks. The latter is usually only detectable if you have an attic or the water seeps down into your ceilings.

Improper Installation of Flashing

Flashing is critical to protecting specific areas, such as at the base of a chimney or the peak of the roof for just two examples. It must be adhered in place securely to prevent leaks and other problems.

No Drip Edge

The absence of the drip edge will cause run-off water to damage the fascia that is just below the edge of roof and all the way around your structure. It should be installed between the roofing material and the underlayment.

Sheathing Is Warped

Warpage is an additional sign of a bad roofing job. Typically, this is not on the top layer of your roof but is in the sheathing. Sheathing is commonly of timber, and it should never be warped. Any quality roofing contractor will replace it rather than leave it in this condition.

Turn to Johnson Roofing to learn additional facts about the signs of a bad roofing job that are reasons to hire a reputable roofing contractor. We specialise in installing metal roofs on commercial buildings and homes in a quality manner.