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The roof of your building is vital to its overall structure since it protects the interior and exterior of the building from any damaging substances. Your roof can also prevent any wear and tear from everyday exposure to sunlight and any type of precipitation. So, if you experience some roof problems, there is a high chance that it can go deep and weakens your whole structural integrity. 

One of the most common contributors to roof problems is defective flashing. Roof flashings, as a whole, protect your roof’s joints and angles from any source of water. They prevent entrapment and leakage of water towards the interior of your building. Without flashings, water can get past your roof and reach your ceilings and walls. Once they reach these areas, deterioration, and moulding over the surfaces will certainly follow.  

Poor roof flashings can also cause leaking problems among other problems on your roof. To guide you, here are some problems that poor roof flashing can cause your beloved building.


Poor installation and maintenance of roof flashings can lead to weakened roof’s membrane. This weakened roof’s membrane then leads to the billowing of roofs. Billowing occurs when large portions of the roof’s membrane detach and flutter with strong winds. As a remedy, a roofing professional must cut some parts of the membrane to release pressure on your roof preventing more damage to the rest of the membrane. This fix, however, does not prevent water and other debris from going into the building.

Blow Offs

Just like a billow, poor roof flashings condition can lead to open seams and joints of your roof. As time goes by, these openings can eventually lead to blow-offs of a part or of the entire roof when high winds or rains occur. One contributing factor to these blow offs is the reduced puncture resistance to a roof’s membrane. Reduced resistance makes the membrane of your roof separate itself from the roof’s substrate, thus, resulting in blow offs. This reduced resistance came from the usage of cold adhesives that aren’t cured long enough. 


When there is a dimensional change in the roof’s membrane, then your roof may shrink. This phenomenon is known as tenting or bridging. The dimensional change in the roof’s membrane adds pressure to the flashing and the roof seams, which can cause rupture afterward. The effect of tenting is irreversible; meaning, it should be addressed right away before water enters the building. The water can cause dry spots beneath the flashing or penetration of the roof. The tented areas must be cut by professionals and must be replaced with new ones immediately. When you ignored poor roof flashing problems, they can certainly cost you a lot when it comes to repairs and replacements. Strong weather disturbances can occur at a certain point, so if your weather permits, check for some roof flashing problems now. If you want to get help regarding roof flashing, Johnson Roofing got you covered. We are a licensed building practitioner that can help you with your roof flashing maintenance.

Construction firms know how to build the most ideal design and structure for your desired property. Be it a house or a commercial building, your construction firm will readily build whatever is agreed upon between the two of you. As soon as the building is turned over to you, it is now your responsibility to maintain whatever is built for you. Some firms may offer extended post-construction services, but others won’t offer you that kind of service.

And if some parts of your building start to wear off, there is nowhere to go but to hire individual services. For example, if your sewage system cannot store enough waste anymore and is close to leaking unwanted substances, then you should hire a plumbing service. Another example is that if your roofing cannot hold the rainwater, or it is getting too hot inside your home, then you should hire a company with roofing services.

Roofing Services for Hire

One of the most important parts of our property is its roof. Just imagine a house or building without a roof, it would take at least several minutes before various creatures and insects go in our properties. Different airborne particles like dirt, dust, and smoke may enter our premises in no time, which can be harmful to all of us. A building without a roof cannot even protect us from intense sunlight and strong rain, snow, and wind. 

The illustration above goes to show how important roofing can be in a building. Leaks and other health hazards can dominate the people occupying the building’s space. Thankfully, companies that perform roofing services can help property owners feel secured within the vicinity of their homes or offices.

Why Choose Johnson Roofing?

Johnson Roofing, a local roofing service provider, stands out above the rest of its competitors. After opening the doors to the public in 2013, the company has been carrying out daily services and tasks according to the needs and wants of their clients. With perfect work record and fair pricing, Johnson Roofing is truly a company that cares about its clients.

Servicing the entire Auckland region from Orewa to Manukau, the Johnson Roofing has been offering the best roofing services across the region. From building new roofs, re-applying roofs, and maintaining the roofs, this company got you all covered. They are also dependable since all of its employees are licensed, and that the company is part of the Roofing Association of New Zealand. Jonhson Roofing also has a full set of roofing materials and tools to satisfy the needs of the clients.

Another thing that makes Johnson Roofing exceptional is that they use locally-made high-quality New Zealand roofing materials. The source of their materials only means that they can finish work faster compared to other companies. Other companies would love to import from other countries for them to charge a high price to justify the added cost of importation, tax, and others. Johnson Roofing cares about your budget and they believe that supporting local products will boost your economy.

From residential to commercial roofing projects, Johnson Roofing is dedicated to delivering high-quality services that can give clients their well-deserved peace of mind. And after the roof works are done, the company guarantees that your roof will last for a very long time. This same roof is guaranteed to be covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty for up to 30 years in some cases.

Also, to make everything smooth, Johnson Roofing’s workforce is so friendly that you can even befriend them. They don’t want you to feel intimidated every time they are working on your roofing. They want to make everything clear, and that any question, concern, or updates are directly addressed to both parties. Johnson Roofing might be your best option for your roofing needs. If you got more questions about them, just contact us at Johnson Roofing. When it comes to roofing materials and needs, we got you covered.