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Once, metal roofs were more utilitarian than attractive since they came only in one colour and style. Most of the time, they were found on barns and garages, and not on houses or commercial buildings. Thanks to innovations in the steel roofing technology, metal roofs are ideal for all types of structures today, including homes of various styles. We list a sampling of these advances in steel roof technology in the following facts.

1. Steel Roofs Come in a Wide Assortment of Colours

In place of the steel’s natural colour of matte gray, steel roofs come in a vast array of colours today that range from white and pale gray to dark reds and even black. These shades are possible through advances in the paint technology for metal roofing. Colours are applied in the factory and baked on for permanence.

2. Steel Roofing Systems Are Compatible With Solar Energy Systems

Another innovation in the steel roofing technology allows this type of roof to be compatible with different types of solar power systems, including photovoltaic and thin film options. Through installing one of these systems on your metal roof, you steadily can save money on your power bills throughout the year.

3. Today’s Steel Roofs Are Sustainable and Recyclable

Steel has long been sustainable since manufacturers use recycled materials whenever possible when they make new products. Also, today’s steel roofs are 100-percent recyclable, and this makes them the eco-friendly choice for houses and other structures.

4. Steel Roofing Is Durable and Fire Resistant

Roofs of steel have the durability to provide your home with long lasting protection. Each year, manufacturers discover new methods of reinforcing the strength of these roofs.

5. You Can Select From Stylish Choices

Advances in steel roofing technology also include the stylish options that you have to select from for your roof. Shingles are available along with ribbed and corrugated styles. Select the one that complements your structure’s style in the ideal fashion.

6. A Cost-Effective Roof Option

In comparison to other roofing choices today, steel roofs are a cost-effective option. At times, there is not even a need to remove old asphalt roofs to install these roofs since they will fit on top of the old roofs in an ideal manner. Of course, each roofing job is different, so this varies from job to job.

For further details about the advances in steel roofing technology, consult with Johnson Roofing. We are a professional company in the Auckland area of Australia. Our company offers both commercial and residential roofing services in a quality, durable manner.

Asbestos roofing was once used as a commonplace material between the 1930s and 1970s. It was cheap and widely available, making it easily accessible for everyone in New Zealand, and most homeowners were able to afford it. Asbestos is also a durable material which made it a practical choice back in those days.

However, these days, asbestos roofs are no longer a standard in construction, and the public is advised that any roofing material that contains asbestos be removed from any building which still has it. For good reason.

Listed below are reasons why roofs with asbestos must be removed.

1. Asbestos is banned in several countries.

Asbestos is banned in several countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is considered illegal to use, re-use, and install building materials containing asbestos. For buildings that had asbestos roofs installed prior to the implementation of the ban, property owners are not held liable. However, it is still advised that you have them removed, for health safety concerns.

2. Asbestos is linked to numerous health risks.

The health risks associated with asbestos is the main reason why many developed countries have moved to ban its use. All types of asbestos were discovered to increase a person’s risk to lung disease from repeated exposure. Also, it has been known to cause scarring of the lungs (asbestosis), pleural disease, and even lung cancer.

Although it can take anywhere between 10 to 40 years of exposure for a person to develop lung cancer, it takes a significantly less amount of exposure time to suffer from other lung diseases. Either way, it is safer to have asbestos roofs removed to prevent health problems.

3. Asbestos roofs become more dangerous with time.

Asbestos roofs that are still found in buildings today were built or reconstructed between the 1980s and 1990s. These roofs are often made with bonded asbestos, which is generally a “safer” kind of asbestos since only 10 to 15 percent of the material is embedded into roof sheets. With that said, these numbers can go up to 40% depending on the manufacturer.

Exposure to the elements will also cause these older asbestos roofs to degrade, and when that happens the asbestos can become loose, thus increasing the risk for inhalation and exposure. The safest choice for property owners with asbestos roofing is to reroof their building.

For residents of Auckland and the surrounding areas, Johnson Roofing can safely remove asbestos roofing and reroof your home. Our roofing team is trained to handle and remove asbestos roofs, and will replace them with quality steel roofing material that is in par with today’s standards of safety and quality.

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