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4 Potential Signs You Need an Immediate Re-roof for Your Warehouse


Keeping your warehouse roofing in good condition is very important. Roofing failure can be inevitable because of regular wear and tear and constant exposure to heavy rains and sunlight. Warehouse roofing plays an important role because they serve as the first defence from various extreme weather conditions to shield and protect your warehouse. The longer you delay the re-roofing, the more you put your warehouse property at potential risk of the roof collapsing.So, watch out for thesefour potential signs which can be an indication that you need an immediate re-roof for your warehouse.

Signs of Rust

One potential sign that you need an immediate re-roof for your warehouse is when you begin to see rusted metal roof panels and joints. When you see signs of rust, it is one of the ways to tell that your roof is beginning to be covered with rust anytime soon. A rust buildup onalmost the entire surface of your roof is an indication that the durability of your warehouse roof is weakening, and possible leaking could happen anytime soon. So, it is always a good idea to have your roof inspected regularly.

There is Moss Growth

Roof maintenance and inspection should be done regularly to detect if your roof is nearing its useful life because there are signs that cannot be immediately detectable that may cause a potential roof failure. One example is when moss starts to grow on the roof surfaces and with constant inspection and maintenance, moss can be eliminated and prevented from growing all over again. If the moss issue is not addressed immediately, chances are it could lead to a leaky roof, which can also potentially damage the structure of your warehouse.

Roof Age

You also need to understand the lifespan of your pipe and know when it is nearing its useful life. Roofing experts say that roofs should only last for 25 years or so. If your warehouse roofing has reached the two-decade mark, then constant professional inspection is highly recommended. This is because an aging warehouse roof will weaken over time. After all,they tend to deteriorate with time. As your warehouse roof ages, taking immediate action and doing preventive maintenance is very important to prevent a serious disaster from happening in the future. The age of your warehouse roof is one of the potential signs that you need an immediate re-roof. Its age is an indication to consider replacing it.

There are Obvious Signs of Serious Leaks

Another potential sign to watch out for and an indication that you need immediate re-roofing for your warehouse is when you notice obvious signs of serious leaks. Leaking, if not addressed immediately, can get serious over time and could lead to an entire warehouse roof replacement. Visible leakage especially during heavy rain should make you consider to seek for an immediate roof inspection, to know if it is serious enough to perform a re-roofing as soon as possible to avoid more costly and dangerous problems in the long run.

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