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5 Misconceptions about Metal Roofing That You Really Should Not Believe

Now that metal roofs offer more designs, colours and functions, the demand for metal roofs have dramatically increased over the past decade. This is a clear indication that homeowners and builders are becoming more informed and aware about the benefits of installing metal roofing on their buildings.

Even though metal roofing shows promising results, there are still people who are skeptic about the idea of installing metal roofing because of common misconceptions. To help, here are 5 metal roof misconceptions unmask that may be preventing you from making the right choice of installing and enjoying the benefits of metal roofing.

5 Misconceptions about Metal Roofing Unmasked

Expensive – A common misconception about metal roofing is that it is expensive. This not true, quite the opposite, metal roofing can be cheaper to install than slate, concrete and porcelain roofing tiles because it is much faster to install, so the homeowner saves money off reduced labour costs.

Metal Roofs Rust – When it comes to metal, many people have assumed that metal roofs will develop holes quickly because of rust and corrosion. Unlike metal roofing decades ago that had a thin layer of protective coating, today’s steel roofing is enamelled with COLORSTEEL®, making it rust and corrosion resistant and will last up to 60 years.

High Maintenance – Are metal roofs difficult to maintain? If they are constructed using high quality metal sheeting and properly installed, then no. Once installed, you can almost leave your metal roof alone, only washing it and removing debris periodically as needed.

Low Quality – Even though metal sheets are thinner compared to other common roofing materials used, it does not easily bend, warp or crack. When tempered, a metal roof is extremely durable, strong and only requires very little maintenance.

Weather – Is metal roofing optimal for all weather conditions? Absolutely! Many people have assumed that metal roofing is a bad decision for places that experiences constant or heavy rain, wind and snow. And, that it is catastrophic for lighting storms and may attract lightning! On the contrary, metal roofing is weather proof, able to hold the weight of snow, and opposed to popular belief, it does not attract lighting at all.

If, by chance, lighting ever does strike a home, a metal roof will safely dissipate the electric charge, even when not grounded. If you want to know more about the benefits of metal roofing, then contact us here at Johnson Roofing, we are glad to answer any questions you may have.

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