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8 Frequently Asked Questions about Steel Roofing?

Steel roofing is the popular choice for New Zealand homes today, although its provenance and use has long been established in the architectural industry. Steel, renowned for its durability, availability, and its low-maintenance nature is a great alternative to pricier shingles and tiles that have become a mainstay of Western roofing solutions.

While slate, concrete, and porcelain roofing tiles may also be popular choices as roofing material, these are typically pricier when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Steel roofing on the other hand is very low-maintenance, far more affordable than your average shingle or tile roof, and doesn’t require as much fuss as any of the former – requiring only the necessary bolstering of your roofing platform and framework to ensure maximum structural integrity.

To help make a decision on the type of roofing to use on your home, here are eight frequently asked questions about steel roofing that you need to know:

One – Are steel roofs prone to rusting? Steel – the word alone makes one think of red rust and slow corrosion, however, in reality however, enamelled steel roofing is corrosion and rust resistant.

Two – Are steel roofs heavy? It depends on how thick you want them to be. Standard steel roofing tiles are thinner than stone or ceramic tile roofs, so they are actually lighter than other types of roofing solutions.

Three – Do they bend, warp, or crack? If properly made and tempered, no, they do not. They retain all of the structural solidarity that standard steel items have, and thus are strong, durable, and low-maintenance.

Four – Is it difficult to install them? Not at all, especially if your house already has reinforced roofing framework. Basically, if your roofing deck is set-up to accommodate stone and tile roofs, it can most-definitely handle steel roofing sheets.

Five – Is it difficult to maintain? If they are properly installed and made of high quality steel: no. They can be left pretty much alone for a long time before requiring any sort of repair, with the only maintenance and upkeep necessary is the occasional check-up to ensure that the steel has not weakened in any way.

Six – Is steel roofing expensive? Not really, when compared to the cost of other roofing materials, such as asphalt, shale, tile, and ceramic shingles, steel roofing is affordable.

Seven –
Is it aesthetically worth the price? Yes it is! Steel roofing now comes in a myriad of designs, colours, and finishes, and there’s bound to be a style out there in the market that suits your tastes and budget,

Eight –
Is it ideal for all weather conditions? Absolutely, a lot of people have this assumption that steel roofing is bad for places that experience heavy rains or snow, and that it is disastrous for lightning-prone areas. In all actuality, steel roofing is weatherproof, windproof, and snow-resistant, and, contrary to popular belief, it actually does not attract lightning strikes.

For more information about the benefits of steel roofing, schedule a free no-obligation consultation with the friendly folks at Johnson Roofing, Auckland.

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