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Basic Types of Steel Roofing Sheets

High quality roofing is what every property owner desires to have protecting their buildings and structures, which is why steel roofing sheets are so popular in New Zealand. Steel roofs guarantees longevity and even lowers energy consumption costs considerably. Yes, there are other roofing types available on the market, but none are as strong, durable, and easy to install than steel roofing.

The most widely used steel roof sheets come in various sizes of corrugated steel that is either pre-painted or unpainted. All are equally easy to install by professional roofers, and these provide the durability and longevity that property owners expect.

Available Types of Steel Roofing Sheets

Unpainted corrugated steel roof sheets:

For the majority of homes that have the traditional corrugated metal roofing that New Zealand is known for, these are actually unpainted corrugated steel roofing sheets. Definitely a hardy roofing material, it is coated with either zinc or aluminium, or normally a mixture of both, which provides an effective layer of protection against corrosion. However, it does need to be cleaned occasionally of dirt and sand deposits to reduce corrosion, and should never be scrubbed washed with a wire brush.

Pre-painted corrugated steel roof sheets:

These are specially coated or pre-painted directly from the manufacturer to be highly resistant to heat, cold, harsh weather, and minor scratching, not to mention it is much easier to clean than unpainted corrugated steel sheet roofing. Also, pre-painted corrugated metal sheets is available in many colours, and finding one to match a residential or commercial building’s aesthetics is very easy.

Whether you opt for untreated metal roofing, also known as unpainted steel roofing, or pre-painted corrugated steel roof sheets, these need to be regularly cleaned and maintained, just like any other roofing material. However, when repairing or reroofing steel roof sheets, always chose a professional roofing company that specialises in steel roofing.

Here at Johnson Roofing Auckland, we specialise in installing and repairing steel roofing, and we take pride in working with our customers to produce the best steel roofs possible, using only quality New Zealand steel sheets for roofing that comes with a warranty up to 30 years.

If you have a steel roof, then avail of our free inspection service to discover the health condition of your metal roof today.

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