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07 June 2021

What are Roof Whirly Birds and Their Installation Benefits?

The whirlybird on several roofs is a turbine vent that fills in as a decent ventilation framework. This is looking like a barrel-shaped arch and is exceptionally intended to disperse the warmth from the roof to permit a ... Continue Reading
26 May 2021

Going Green? The Benefits of Integrating Solar Panels in Your Steel Roofing

Next to peanut butter and jam, we aren’t sure that there is a better combination than solar panels and metal roofing. Solar panels and metal roofing each have their own host of individual benefits that customers all over New ... Continue Reading
10 May 2021

What Makes Corrugated Steel an Ideal Roofing Material for Industrial Properties?

Not all buildings are built the same, or have the same roof requirements. Unlike residential roofing, the roofing requirements for commercial and industrial properties focus on functionality and affordability, first, before ... Continue Reading
29 April 2021

How to Ensure that Your Steel Roofing is Cost-Effective within Optimal Quality Standards?

Isn’t the roof the most important part of your house? It protects you and your family day in and day out, which is why the roof needs extra attention, especially when there is a problem. Delaying on making needed roof repairs ... Continue Reading
09 April 2021

Tips to Ensure Flat Steel Roofing Maintenance and Protection from Johnson Roofing

Commercial flat roofing is not as aesthetically pleasing as residential roofing, however, it is a hardy, dependable, and long-lasting type of roofing, if it is maintained properly. It is a type of roof that has many benefits, ... Continue Reading
26 March 2021

Save the Earth, Save Money: Choose Energy-Efficient Roofs from Johnson Roofing

More people than ever before are interested in saving energy in any way they can, especially within their own homes. Businesses all over the country are actively seeking ways to save money off their company’s electricity ... Continue Reading