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27 September 2018

Re-Roofing Industrial Factories and Why Old Asbestos Must Be Removed

When re-roofing your industrial factory, you must ensure that the roofing company removes any old asbestos from it prior to installing the roof materials. While once a common material in roofs and other parts of buildings, it is now known as a hazardous material that can cause health issues and ... Continue Reading
13 September 2018

Benefits of Corrugated Metal Roofing for Sloping Roofs

While you may be familiar with the fact that corrugated metal roofing is ideal for flat roofs, you might not realise that it also provides benefits for sloping roofs. Yes, you can install this type of roofing material on roofs that range from low-pitch ones to ones with steep slopes. We offer you a ... Continue Reading
27 August 2018

Roof Leaks and Damage: Their Negative Effects on Your Home and Health

When a roof contains leaks or other damage, it can fail to protect your home and for that fact, your health in the manner that it should each day of the year. That is why you must keep watch over your roof at all times and catch any minor issues before they turn into major ones that can have ... Continue Reading
17 August 2018

Factory and Industrial Roofing: Important Preparation Prior to a New Metal Roofing Installation

When it is time for a new metal roof on your factory or industrial building, you need to proceed in the proper manner to ensure that the roofing installation comes to completion in a quality, safe fashion. In order for you to prepare correctly for a new metal roofing installation, we offer you the ... Continue Reading
24 July 2018

Your Roof Is Your Asset: When Re-Roofing Becomes an Investment Rather Than an Expense

Home and building owners incur many expenses throughout the life of their structures as far as maintenance and repair tasks are concerned. Re-roofing is one of these tasks, but it is not always an expense since it often is an investment in the overall condition of a structure. The following are ... Continue Reading
13 July 2018

Home Roofing Preparation: Steel Roofing Solutions for Uncertain Climate Conditions

When selecting a roof for a house here in the Auckland, you need one that will hold up under uncertain climate conditions. Weather is ever-changing in this area, and a poorly constructed roof will not protect your house in an adequate manner. Luckily, you have steel roofing solutions available to ... Continue Reading