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08 November 2018

Old Gutters and Downpipes Should Also Be Replaced When New Roofs Are Installed

Often times, property owners will ignore the advice to replace their old gutters and downpipes when they receive a new roof installation only for their negligence to come back to haunt them later. What happens is that the downpipes and gutters fail to provide the ideal water drainage that their new ... Continue Reading
24 October 2018

Why Re-Roofing Old Roofs Is Recommended Before Installing Solar Panels

One of the important considerations when thinking about installing solar panels on your house is how you need to prepare your roof for them. Most experts recommend that you re-roof an old roof prior to having the solar panel system installed unless your roof is already brand new and designed to ... Continue Reading
10 October 2018

Reasons Why Colorsteel Roofing is a Popular Choice in Commercial Roofing

The pursuit of a better quality of life permeates pretty much our every move. From our efforts to get a higher-paying job to our efforts improving our automobiles and homes, we are constantly striving to make the most out of life. When it comes to commercial business owners, that same drive is very ... Continue Reading
27 September 2018

Re-Roofing Industrial Factories and Why Old Asbestos Must Be Removed

When re-roofing your industrial factory, you must ensure that the roofing company removes any old asbestos from it prior to installing the roof materials. While once a common material in roofs and other parts of buildings, it is now known as a hazardous material that can cause health issues and ... Continue Reading
13 September 2018

Benefits of Corrugated Metal Roofing for Sloping Roofs

While you may be familiar with the fact that corrugated metal roofing is ideal for flat roofs, you might not realise that it also provides benefits for sloping roofs. Yes, you can install this type of roofing material on roofs that range from low-pitch ones to ones with steep slopes. We offer you a ... Continue Reading
27 August 2018

Roof Leaks and Damage: Their Negative Effects on Your Home and Health

When a roof contains leaks or other damage, it can fail to protect your home and for that fact, your health in the manner that it should each day of the year. That is why you must keep watch over your roof at all times and catch any minor issues before they turn into major ones that can have ... Continue Reading