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16 May 2019

Why Should Emergency Industrial Roof Leak Repairs Be Entrusted to Professionals?

When you own an industrial building, it is crucial to keep it in ideal condition all throughout the year. This includes the roof since it protects the rest of the structure from the outdoor elements. For this reason, you should inspect your roof periodically to ensure that there are no leaks ... Continue Reading
01 May 2019

Standing Seam Roofing vs. Exposed Fastener Roofing: What Are Their Differences?

Metal roofs are highly durable and attractive today for all types of structures. When choosing one for your own building or home, though, you need to know the difference between standing seam roofing and exposed fastener roofing, which are the two types of metal roofs. While each style is popular ... Continue Reading
16 April 2019

Metal Roofing and Fasteners: Why Does Compatibility Matter?

A metal roof is highly durable when it contains quality materials and workmanship. One important part of its makeup is the fasteners or screws that need to hold it securely. Without the right screws, the roofing components will not stay in place during harsh weather. For this reason, roofers need ... Continue Reading
02 April 2019

FAQ: Would a Metal Roofing Easily Turn My Home Into a Lightning Rod?

While metal roofing is highly durable, lightweight, attractive and long-lasting, many homeowners will not choose it for their homes since they fear it is more at risk of lightning strikes in comparison to other roofing materials. If you are in this group of homeowners, you may wonder if this ... Continue Reading
22 March 2019

Solar Panel Installation on Metal Roofs: Tips to Avoid Leak Problems

A common concern with a solar panel installation on a metal roof is how to go about it to avoid leak problems afterwards. Many people fear that attaching the panels to the metal will create holes that will let moisture seep into the roof’s structural components and further into the house or ... Continue Reading
07 March 2019

Impact-Resistant Metal Roofing: Why Extreme Weather Conditions Shouldn’t Give You Worries

When you are choosing a roofing material for your roof, one of your major considerations should be whether it can stand up to all types of weather, including hail storms, intense UV rays, high winds, heavy rains and more. Today, we understand that the best type of roofing to choose for this type of ... Continue Reading