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16 January 2019

Summer Season Re-Roofing and Roof Repairs: Why Is It the Best Season?

If you need roof repairs or re-roofing, you may wonder what the best season is for scheduling these tasks here in the Auckland area of Australia. The truth is that we are in the midst of the ideal season right now namely, summer. We elaborate on why we state this in the following ... Continue Reading
13 December 2018

Should You Get Rid of Your Old Roof Shingles and Switch to Steel Roofing?

Steel roofs are extremely popular today because of all of their attributes, including the fact that they are recyclable at the end of their lifespan. While you have been reading and learning about the benefits of these roofs, you probably have come across advice that states to remove your old roof ... Continue Reading
05 December 2018

Reasons Why Steel Roofing is Ideal for an Expansive Flat Commercial Roof

Expansive commercial roofs pose a challenge when it comes to selecting the right roofing materials to protect them sufficiently over the years mainly due to their lack of pitch. While there are numerous different materials that will be adequate for the task, steel roofing outperforms some of them ... Continue Reading
21 November 2018

Differences Between Galvanised and Zincalume® Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are all the rage right now, but many property owners do not know whether to select a Zincalume® or a galvanised steel one. While both galvanised and Zincalume® metal roofs are durable, there are some distinct differences between them. While some property owners will be satisfied with ... Continue Reading
08 November 2018

Old Gutters and Downpipes Should Also Be Replaced When New Roofs Are Installed

Often times, property owners will ignore the advice to replace their old gutters and downpipes when they receive a new roof installation only for their negligence to come back to haunt them later. What happens is that the downpipes and gutters fail to provide the ideal water drainage that their new ... Continue Reading
24 October 2018

Why Re-Roofing Old Roofs Is Recommended Before Installing Solar Panels

One of the important considerations when thinking about installing solar panels on your house is how you need to prepare your roof for them. Most experts recommend that you re-roof an old roof prior to having the solar panel system installed unless your roof is already brand new and designed to ... Continue Reading