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COLORSTEEL®: Benefits of Using It for Industrial and Warehouse Roofing


If you own an industrial or warehouse facility, you may be in the market for new steel roofing to protect it effectively. Before you choose the first type that you see, be certain that you understand what the best brand is for your specific needs. For one thing, there are brands of steel roofing that will not hold up over the years in such a way as to bring you a good return on your investment. Luckily, COLORSTEEL® provides quality alternatives for roofing with its various products that are long-lasting, durable and attractive. We list some of the benefits of installing this brand of roofing on your facility in the following.

COLORSTEEL® Offers Different Styles of Materials for Roofing

You can choose from the following styles of COLORSTEEL® for your roof:

• DRIDEX® for superior condensation absorption

• MAXX® is ideal for extreme conditions, such as rugged coastline areas

• ENDURA® is durable in inland and coastal environments regardless of their severity

• ZINCALUME® coated steel by COLORSTEEL® offers long-term, highly effective corrosion resistance in moderate environments

COLORSTEEL® Is Durable and Easy to Maintain

Another benefit of installing COLORSTEEL® on your facility is that it is extremely durable and easy to maintain. For the visible areas, the rain will take care of rinsing the dirt and debris away for the most part. You will need to clean the gutters out, remove large items of debris and pressure was hidden areas periodically.

COLORSTEEL® Is Sustainable and Recyclable

As with most steel, COLORSTEEL® is 100-percent recyclable and sustainable. Old steel is recycled into new products regularly, which reduces the need for mining and processing raw ore. Roofs of this material fit in with your company’s plan to operate in a green manner if this is applicable.

COLORSTEEL® Stands up to Various Environmental Conditions

COLORSTEEL® also stands up effectively to a wide range of environmental conditions. Not only does it keep its attractiveness and functional condition in salty coastal areas, under UV exposure, rain, snow and ice, it also is fire and earthquake resistant.

Receive High-Thermal Performance With COLORSTEEL® Roofing

When combined with the right insulation, COLORSTEEL® delivers high-thermal performance all throughout the year. This helps reduce your heating and cooling bills for your facility.

Turn to Johnson Roofing for further information about the benefits of using COLORSTEEL® for industrial or warehouse roofing. We specialise in installing all of this brand’s roofing selections. After we access your needs and locations, we will recommend the style that is the best for your requirements. Also, we issue you a guarantee of satisfaction to back all of our workmanship and a COLORSTEEL® warranty to cover this brand’s materials.

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