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COLORSTEEL® Roofing: A Preferred Choice to Avoid the Need for an Additional Roof Painting Job

Instead of choosing a steel roof that requires painting from time to time, you need to select COLORSTEEL® roofing for your roof. COLORSTEEL® delivers a superior, durable performance for residential and commercial roofs even in the harshest environments in Australia. For this reason, this roofing has become the preferred choice to avoid an additional roof painting job, which eliminates the high cost of maintaining other less resilient steel roofs.

COLORSTEEL® Roofing Is Tested in Australian Environmental Conditions

The buildings and homes in Australia need to endure a wide range of weather conditions depending upon their location. After all, this country’s weather includes extremes in cold and hot temperatures along with dust storms, wind, rain, hail and at times, snow. Knowing this fact, Bluescope, the maker of COLORSTEEL®, tests their steel roofing to ensure that it is durable enough in all of these weather conditions, including the humidity and salt spray of marine areas.

COLORSTEEL® Roofing Comes in 22 Different Colours

For your convenience, COLORSTEEL® roofing comes in an assortment of 22 different colours that are separated into five categories, namely Classic, Contemporary, new Matt finish, Fencing and Ultra. Also, the colours range from the light Surfmist that is almost white to Night Sky, which is black. All of the shades in this colour selection have been inspired by various colours that appear throughout Australia. With this large variety of colours, any property owner can find the right shade for his or her structure. You also can mix and match colours for your fascia, gutter and downpipe components that complete your roof’s installation process.

The Lighter COLORSTEEL® Colours Provide Thermal Efficiency in Hot Weather

Another reason that COLORSTEEL® roofing is the preferred choice to avoid the need for an additional roof painting job is the fact that the lighter shades of this roofing provide high thermal performance to help your home or structure stay cooler on sunny, hot days.

A COLORSTEEL® Roof Is Easy to Maintain

This style of roof is simple to maintain as it only needs washing about once every six months unless you are in the coastal areas. In the latter areas, you will need to wash the roof more often to remove marine salt spray from it. Still, in comparison to other types of roofs, the maintenance is minimal.

Along with the other reasons above for this roofing being a preference today, your COLORSTEEL® steel roof will last up to 50 years. For further facts about COLORSTEEL® roofing, contact Johnson Roofing. We specialise in new roof and re-roofing projects along with roof maintenance.

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