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Commercial and Industrial Gutter Systems: The Importance of Using Quality Steel Materials

When installing commercial and industrial gutter systems, it is extremely important to use optimal quality steel materials to avoid any subsequent corrosion and surface staining, streaking or general discolouration. By using top caliber steel, you can also help prevent surface denting or rippling under pressure.

Steel is very strong and can withstand more pressure and wear-and-tear than many other metals used as building materials. Quality steel is also quite durable and will not be worn down or weakened by the elements and the effects of severe storms that bring harsh weather conditions. The best quality steel today is also biodegradable and is categorized as an eco-friendly building material.

Important Aspects of Using Quality Steel Materials for Commercial and Industrial Gutter Systems

Some important aspects of using quality steel materials for commercial and industrial gutter systems include the following:

• Avoid Mixing Steel Products During Installation or Repairs.
– It is important to avoid mixing different steel products during gutter installation and repair services. For example, galvanised steel is somewhat less durable than Zincalume® or Colorbond®. For this reason, these products should not be combined for gutter system installations or repairs because they will not age and deteriorate at the same rate.

Also, if different brands of prepainted steel are used to complete a gutter system installation for a building, their surfaces can look identical at the time of installation. However, within just a short period of time, differences in colour, surface gloss and surface weathering many become obvious, marring the appearance of the gutter system.

• Use Quality Colorbond or COLORSTEEL® to Help Prevent Swarf Staining.
– Swarf is a term used for steel debris that results from cutting or piercing steel roofing or cladding surfaces with drills or friction saws. Some steel workers refer to discarded steel items like nails, screws, nuts and rivet shanks as swarf as well.

When this debris comes into contact with steel surfaces, it can cause rust-like stains and corrosion on these surfaces. Although quality prepainted steel like COLORSTEEL® and Zincalume® may escape the effects of swarf that is scattered on these steel surfaces during nearby installation or repairs to roofing areas, gutter systems made of lesser quality galvanised or non-coated steel may have swarf staining, which is often stubborn and difficult to remove.

• Select Top-Tier Steel to Help Avoid Gutter Denting or Surface Scratching.
– By choosing top quality steel gutter systems with prepainted or precoated surfaces for installation on commercial or industrial buildings, you can help prevent denting, bending or scraping of gutter system parts during product shipment to the building site and throughout installation procedures.

Because denting can impede full flowing capacity of water through and out of gutter systems, and serious surface scratching can weaken steel surface resistance to early signs of deterioration, even very minor damage to gutter system parts should be carefully avoided.

By contacting Johnson Roofing in Albany, Auckland, for advice concerning commercial and industrial gutter systems installation, repairs and maintenance, you and your company will receive excellent information and full services for installing, refurbishing and maintaining your building or complex gutter systems. This top caliber roofing company provides full roofing services, including facility gutter system installation, cleaning and replacement, throughout the entire Auckland area from Orewa to Manukau.

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