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Commercial Roofing in Auckland: Understand the Benefits of Long-run Roofing

In Auckland, replacing the roof on your house or place of business requires a big commitment. It may be a tedious, demanding, and costly process. But having a new roof is worth more than the hassle of having it done. But which type of roof do you choose? For your Auckland property,  we at Johnsons Roofing highly suggest long-run roofing.

It is a type of metal roof that requires minimal maintenance. This sort of roof can be recycled and is made of stainless steel. Long-run roofing makes it an excellent option for steep hills and is perfect for the climate in New Zealand.

Long-run roofing is a fantastic choice because it stands out from the rest with its many benefits.

Requires Minimal Maintenance

Long-term roofing is durable, moisture-resistant, and needs very minimal upkeep over its lifespan. You won’t have to worry about the pricey repairs that are frequent with other roofing alternatives once you get this sort of roof installed. The only real maintenance required is a quick spray down to remove any leaves or debris and a yearly inspection of the roof to look for any potential problem areas or loose fasteners.

Excellent Durability and Resistance

Any other roof will have missing and cracked tiles and other structural issues. Long-run roofing, however, is different. This type of roof is renowned for its durability because it can withstand New Zealand’s extreme weather conditions without splitting or shattering. Additionally, They are also resistant to weather, fire, and termites.

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Since long-run roofs are made of reflective metal, some of the sun’s radiant heat will be deflected away from your home, keeping it cooler in the summer. On the hottest days, your electric bills will lower the less often your air conditioner runs. Additionally, this type of roof retains heat and insulates the house during cold weather too.

This roof is an excellent option for homes with cold winters and hot summers because of the cost-saving benefit of reduced energy consumption. Additionally, metal roofing materials are completely recyclable, which makes them eco-friendly.


In New Zealand, long-run steel roofing is typically cheaper than other types of roofing. This is partly attributable to factors such as inexpensive production costs, easy use, quick installation timeframes, and incredibly low continuing maintenance expenses.

Long Lasting

Many steel-clad roofs have a guaranteed lifespan of more than 30 years. They won’t rot and have a high level of resistance to mould, mildew, and insect invasion. Long-run roofing is perfect for all parts of New Zealand because it is made to withstand even the worst weather, such as snow, hail, rain, sun, and wind. Long-run roofing can survive for many years with appropriate care.

At Johnsons Roofing, we specialise in putting long-run roofing on residential and commercial buildings.  We’ve been installing roofs on Auckland buildings for decades, but we’ve never worked with a material that has so many benefits as long-run roofing. we highly recommend this type of roof as it checks all the boxes if you’re trying to decide which roof is ideal for your home. Contact us now and request a free quote.

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