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Differences Between Galvanised and Zincalume® Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are all the rage right now, but many property owners do not know whether to select a Zincalume® or a galvanised steel one. While both galvanised and Zincalume® metal roofs are durable, there are some distinct differences between them. While some property owners will be satisfied with a galvanised metal roof, others will want the superior performance of a Zincalume® roof. Before you can really appreciate the latter choice, you must fully understand the following differences between these two materials.

Coating Differences

The coating on galvanised metal roofing is coated with almost 100-percent zinc. In comparison the alloy coating of Zincalume® metal roofing is approximately one-percent silicon, 43.5-percent zinc and 55-percent aluminium. Even though both are coated using a hot dip method, these two roofing products perform a bit differently from each other.

Which One Has the Best Corrosion Resistance?

Since the galvanised metal roof primarily depends on sacrificial protection from corrosion and Zincalume® uses both sacrificial and barrier protection to keep from corroded, these two products have different levels of corrosion resistance. Zincalume® resists rust and corrosion in a superior fashion in test sessions. In fact, its protection lasts four times as long as, if not longer, than that of galvanised metal does in the same tests. Tests also show that both metals start off almost equal but the rate of corrosion with Zincalume® slows down as it is exposed to the weather elements since its coating forms additional barrier protection over time.

Does Zincalume® Metal Roofing Last Longer Than Galvanised Roofing Does on Structures?

Research shows that Zincalume® roofs lasts twice as long as the galvanised roofs do since the galvanised coating reduces the life of steel by fifty percent. This difference could just swing your preference to Zincalume®.

Zincalume® Roofing Is Cost-Effective

While you may think that Zincalume® would be the pricier option for a roof, it actually is quite affordable. It is not overpriced to start with, and with it outlasting galvanised steel because of its coating, you will not need to replace it as soon. For both of these reasons, you do not need to fear the price of selecting this material for your roof if it is your preference.

For further facts about the differences between galvanised and Zincalume® metal roofs, contact Johnson Roofing. We specialise in the maintenance and installation of metal roofs. Our company will answer all of your questions, provide an accurate quote for your roof and deliver quality results. In addition, we serve both commercial and residential clients. At the completion of a roof installation or re-roofing project, we issue a guarantee of workmanship and materials for your protection.

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