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Ensure the Safety of Your Family with these General Roofing Do’s and Don’ts

If you are worried about any roofing issues, for the safety of your family, then you are not alone. Thousands of home-owners eventually run into roofing problems of some kind, as the years pass, from weathering, physical damage and even from water damage. Anyone of these, or a combination of a few, is something to be concerned about. Unfortunately, most homeowners are unfamiliar with the basics of roofing and aren’t sure how to keep their family out of harm’s way, and their roof in good shape.

General Roofing Do’s and Don’ts

Do Regular inspections

The principle rule for roof safety is regular inspections with the help of roofing experts. Weather conditions such as rain, wind and extreme heat from the sun will eventually put your roof at risk of causing cracks in shingles and tiles, and these need to be repaired immediately, less more serious damages to your roof develops. Something as simple as regular roof inspections can save you thousands of dollars by catching small problems before they develop into big repair costs.

Do Schedule Roof Inspection During the Summer

The best time to schedule a roof inspection is during the summer months, that way, if there is damage discovered and repairs needed then foul weather will not get in the way. Of course, roof inspections can be conducted any time of the year, especially when you suspect your roof is damaged in some way?

Don’t Walk On The Roof For Roofing Safety

Avoid walking on the roof, if you suspect your roof has been damaged, and you want to inspect it yourself, roofing experts advise against this, for a few good reasons. The main reason is for the safety of you or any family member that attempts to climb onto the roof. No matter what roofing material you have chosen, the roof can become damaged by walking on it. Safety is number one, and roofers know how to inspect roofs safely, and when required can mount your roof and not cause any more damage than might already exist.

Don’t Inspect and Repair Your Own Roof

Also, some old roofs have tiles or shingles that are slippery, and people have accidentally slipped and fallen off their roofs. This is something that can be avoided by hiring professional roofers to inspect and repair your roof, if needed.

Do Consult Professionals

For more information about roofing safety and roof inspections, feel free to call Johnson Roofing, we professional roofers who pride ourselves in offering high quality workmanship for both residential and commercial property.

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