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Factory and Industrial Roofing: Important Preparation Prior to a New Metal Roofing Installation

When it is time for a new metal roof on your factory or industrial building, you need to proceed in the proper manner to ensure that the roofing installation comes to completion in a quality, safe fashion. In order for you to prepare correctly for a new metal roofing installation, we offer you the following steps to take prior to the project taking place.

Hire a Reputable Roofing Company

The first thing on your agenda when preparing for an installation of a metal roof is to hire a reliable, quality roofing company. Also, ensure that the company specialises in roofs for factory and industrial buildings to receive the best results. Any company that you hire should also carry full-coverage insurance and correct licensing to work in your area. If you interview more than one roofing company, be certain to compare quotes and check references to learn which company will deliver the ideal results.

Select the Style and Colour of Metal Roofing

With the help of the roofing company, select the style and colour of metal roof that complement your building in the most favourable way. When pertinent, choose the roof profile that is compatible with your solar power system.

Sign All Pertinent Agreements

Read over and sign all necessary agreements once you agree with their terms. Be certain that there are no hidden fees or terms before signing any agreement.

Clear the Area Around the Building

Another important task to perform prior to your new metal roofing installation is to clear the areas surrounding the building to ensure that the roofing crew members have unhindered access to your building. After all, they will need space to place their equipment and supplies.

Protect the Upper Floor When Necessary

You also need to protect the upper floor if the sheathing or decking is going to be replaced as part of the metal roof installation. This upper floor could be no more than storage but may house some of your offices. Either way you might need to move some belongings and cover the floors and walls until the installation comes to completion.

Ensure That Safety Measures Are in Place

Do not let any metal roofing installation begin before the proper safety measures are in place. Warning signs that work is going on alert pedestrians, visitors, clients and employees to the fact that caution is necessary. Also, the walkways should have covered scaffolding on them to allow for safe travel to and from the building. This protects people from falling objects.

For additional preparations that you should do prior to a new metal roofing installation, consult with Johnson Roofing. Roofing is our business, and we deliver high-quality results to commercial, industrial and residential clients.

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