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Five Common Causes of Damaged Roof Flashing

You may be wondering why there are some instances,especially during heavy rainswhereinyou notice moisture in your ceiling. This issue could be caused by a lot of factors, but the most common cause of roof leaking is bad flashing. When encountering this problem, it is very essential to identify the warning signs and common causes and how to prevent your roof flashing from further deteriorating. To identify the early signs of faulty roof flashing, we have listed the 5 most common causes of damaged roof flashing.

Your Roof Flashing Must Be Improperly Installed

Roof flashings are essential to keep your roof intact and protect the areas of your roof that are prone to leaks. For the roof flashing to serve its purpose very well, you must ensure that it is properly installed. Improperly installed roof flashing defeats the purpose. So, to prevent this from happening, make sure to hire a professional roof flashing installer who is experienced in roof flashing installation to avoid errors to occur which can lead to leaks in the long run.

Repairs Were Poorly Done

One of the most common causes of damaged roof flashing is poor repair jobs. This can happen when you allow inexperienced roofing contractors to do the repairs. This is the reason why most homeowners rarely resort to DIY roof flashing repairs because they know full well that a poor repair job can further lead to more severe roof damage. And that it is wiser to pay for reliable roofing contractors than to suffer the consequence of having to replace the entire roof in the future.

Constant Exposure to Sunlight and Other Weather Conditions

Harsh weather conditions can surely affect the integrity of your roof flashing. Constant exposure to heat and other harsh weather conditions is one of the most common causes of damaged roof flashing. Temperature changes are inevitable, and they may cause the roof flashing to warp as well as develop rust. This is especially true if your roof flashing is weak, the weather and climate factors can make it weaker.

Lack of Maintenance and Inspection

Regular roof flashing maintenance and inspection can go a long way. The lack thereof can lead to severe roof damage. Lack of regular maintenance and inspection is one of the most common causes of damaged roof flashing. Your roof flashing will eventually show signs of accumulated dirt and some signs of minimal wear so make sure to check regularly.

Your Roof Flashing Becoming Too Old

Another common cause of damaged roof flashing is age. Your roof flashing could be worn down and damaged because it is becoming too old. And roof flashing replacement is the only solution to this issue. Old flashing should be replaced immediately before it can create more severe roof issues. Since roof flashing is not made to last for a long time, it could eventually break and brittle. Before this could happen, it is wiser to invest and purchase new ones than bear the cost of frequent repairs.

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