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Get Rid of Asbestos in Your Roofs and Re-Roof Using Steel Roofing

Asbestos roofs used to be a standard in both homes and commercial spaces all over New Zealand and the world that is because asbestos is a tough material that could last several decades if maintained properly. This type of roofing was widely popular between the 1930s and 1970s. Asbestos was also cheaper than most roofing materials at the time, and has the added benefit of being fire-resistant. This is why it was used so extensively in the past.

Today however, asbestos is not used anymore in roofing as it is now known to be a hazardous material, and it should be removed from buildings whenever and wherever possible. Companies like Johnson Roofing Ltd. are advocating the removal of asbestos roofing, for a couple good reasons.

1. Asbestos is a health hazard. When asbestos-containing material is intact, it is generally safe and does not pose any immediate health risks. However, old structures tend to have asbestos roofs in a state of disrepair – and it is dangerous to people’s health. Water damage, physical impact, and exposure to the elements can make asbestos friable. Once it reaches that state, asbestos crumbles easily and releases dust or fibres into the air which can be inhaled or unknowingly ingested.

When inhaled or consumed, fibres can lodge into organs. Unfortunately, the body cannot expel asbestos so these stay in place and cause diseases such as asbestos, lung cancer, or mesothelioma – a rare cancer that can affect the membranes lining the heart, lungs, cheat, or abdomen. Cancers of the oral cavity, esophagus, stomach, intestine, and kidneys have also been linked to asbestos exposure.

The fact that many of these diseases are difficult or impossible to treat, should be enough reason to have your old asbestos roofs removed as soon as possible, and replaced with steel roofing which is safer.

2. Asbestos is now a regulated construction material. Just as foods are often regulated by the government to ensure that they meet current standards of health, laws have been imposed on asbestos use and removal. Given the strict rules on asbestos removal and the hazards to one’s health, it is highly recommended to hire professionals to ensure the safe and proper handling and disposal of asbestos roofs.

Remove Asbestos Roofing and Re-Roof Using Steel Roofing

In Auckland, Johnson Roofing Ltd. provides new and reroofing services, only high-grade materials that meet modern safety standards are used in reroofing residential and commercial properties. Steel roofing is durable, affordable, and safe, it is the best material to use when reroofing your home after removing asbestos roofing.

If you are unsure if your old roof contains asbestos materials, then schedule a free, no obligation roof inspection here at Johnson Roofing.

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