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Going Green? The Benefits of Integrating Solar Panels in Your Steel Roofing

Next to peanut butter and jam, we aren’t sure that there is a better combination than solar panels and metal roofing. Solar panels and metal roofing each have their own host of individual benefits that customers all over New Zealand have been able to appreciate. However, when you combine the two together you end up with something even better. Let’s break down, point-by-point, why metal roofing and solar panels are so effective together.

At Johnson Roofing we have made it our business to help lead customers to the roofing solutions that they require while focusing on their budget and overall roofing quality. We’ve found that many customers in and around our service area are growing increasingly interested in installing solar panels along with metal roofing. For some reason, this combination is not as well-known as we would hope. Today, we are going to discuss how installing solar panels on a metal roof can lead to a host of different benefits.

Solar Panels Mount Easily On Metal Roofs

If you don’t have metal roofing, you have to install your solar panels by drilling into your actual roof. This is obviously an issue with many homeowners. However, thanks to metal roofing mounting is easier than ever. There are multiple mounting options, such as quick mount systems, that can be implemented so as to install your solar panels without fear of damage.

Energy Efficiency Boosts The Effectiveness Of Solar Panels.

Metal roofs are already extremely energy efficient and this makes their pairing with solar panels even more beneficial. A reflective roof, such as metal roofing, will reduce temperatures at the point of contact on top of your home. A reduction in temperature means that your solar panels will operate more efficiently, thus extending your usage and the lifespan of your solar panels.

Metal Roofing and Solar Panels Make A Long-Lasting, Eco-Friendly Combo

Solar panels are revered for their longevity with most professional models lasting upwards of 25 to 30 years. Metal roofs are also one of the most durable ways that you can roof your home and this means that the roof will likely outlive your already long-lasting solar panels. Combined, you have a roof that only needs periodic maintenance in order to perform at peak efficiency for a prolonged period of time.

If these benefits have prepared you to take the solar plunge, now is a perfect time. Call up the office here at Johnson Roofing and our certified, professional technicians will guide you through the process.

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