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Gutter and Downpipe Replacement: What Happens When You Don’t Replace Them in Reroofing Projects

Oftentimes, homeowners will ignore the advice to replace their old gutters and downpipes when they receive a new roof installation, only for their negligence to come back to haunt them later. What happens is that the downpipes and gutters fail to provide the ideal water drainage that their new roof needs to protect their structure sufficiently. Also, improper drainage can cause issues for other parts of the building. That is why when you replace your roof with a new one, you should always install new gutters and downpipes as well. If you need further reasons for this besides just our word, refer to the following details.

What Happens When You Don’t Replace Gutter and Downpipe in Reroofing Projects

Old Gutters and Downpipes May Work Loose during the Roof Installation

Depending upon the complexity of your new roof installation, your old downpipes and gutters might work loose during the process. When this occurs, the water will drain off the roof in between the gutters and downpipes, instead of through them. Replacing these elements at the same time as the roof prevents this issue.

Aged Gutters and Downpipes Can Leak

Another reason to replace old downpipes and gutters during a new roof installation is the fact that they might be leaking. Leaks will keep the water from draining through the right channels, so to speak, for the downpipes to guide it away from the structure. The water will drain through the leaks rather than along the intended route.

Improper Drainage Can Damage Elements of the New Roof

Insufficient drainage can damage the structural elements of the new roof, such as the fascia, roof tiles or sections, and sheathing. As a result, you will require roof repairs far sooner than you should with a new roof.

Foundation Damage Can Occur Due to Gutters and Downpipes Being in Poor Condition

One issue that can happen due to gutters and downpipes in poor condition is foundation damage. Such may be caused by standing water coming into contact with the house at ground level. When the gutter system does not channel the water down from the roof and away from the house efficiently, the water can puddle right next to the house in such a way that it can seep into the foundation where it can soften and even crack it.

For the abovementioned reasons, old gutters and downpipes should also be replaced when new roofs are installed. Consult with Johnson Roofing. We specialise in installing high-quality NZ steel roofing materials in the Auckland area of Australia. Our company will provide a no-obligation quote upon request. Also, we issue a five-year workmanship guarantee on all of our roof installations.

We opened the doors to Johnson Roofing in 2013. Since then, we have gone from strength to strength due to our perfect work record and fair pricing. We appreciate how important the roof is for your home or building and work with you to ensure a fix that lasts for years.

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