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Having Trouble with Excessive Water Pooling in Roof Gutters and Drain Pipes? Hire Professional Roof Maintenance Services

You want everything in and around your home to work properly. This includes your roof gutters and drain pipes. Excessive water pooling in these locations means there is a problem that requires the attention of a professional roof maintenance service.

Possible Causes

Water pooling in your roof gutter could be a sign that the gutter is not draining properly because it is clogged. Water pooling in a gutter could also be caused by a damaged gutter. If water pools in a drain pipe, it may be blocked. A professional roof maintenance service can determine what the problem is if water is pooling in a gutter or pipe.

Damage from Water Pooling

If there is too much water in your gutters, they will overflow. The overflow will spill to the ground and could pool around the foundation of your home. The pooling water could cause mould or cause cracks to develop in the foundation. This could lead to structural damage. If water pools under the house, it could lead to damp floors. Excess water in pipes or gutters can also penetrate into your roof, walls and ceilings. If too much water penetrates, internal roofing may collapse. A blocked drain pipe can cause water to back up and flow over the flashing on the roof. The water may then leak through the roof on to your ceilings and walls. A professional roofing service will be able to fix your gutters or drains before serious problems occur.


A professional roofing service will know how to solve the water pooling problem. The most costly solution is to replace the gutter or drain pipe. However, that is not always necessary. If the gutter is clogged, cleaning it thoroughly will allow water to move through it properly. A damaged gutter will need to be replaced. If a portion of the gutter is damaged, only that portion will need to be replaced. Cleaning a blocked drain pipe may eliminate water pooling. If the pipe is too old, you may need to have it replaced. If you have your gutters and pipes regularly cleaned by a professional service, it is likely that you can avoid water pooling in your gutters and drain pipes.

Contact Johnson Roofing if you notice excessive water in your gutters or drain pipes. Our experienced team will find what is causing the problem and make the necessary repairs to fix the problem permanently.

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