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High Grade New Zealand Steel Roofing: Residential and Commercial Roofs that Last

High grade steel roofing for residential and commercial roofs in New Zealand today includes the top-tier caliber steel products leading the hierarchy of quality in 2018. It is true that brass, copper and stainless steel are higher in the galvanic chain of quality than zinc and aluminium-coated steel frequently used as metal substrates that are pre-painted. However, if these varied types of metals make contact with steel, damaging corrosion may result.

Also, water running or seeping from brass or copper piping or spouts can cause pre-painted metal cladding and roofing to corrode. By using top quality steel products for roofing installations and repairs and protecting this quality steel from other metals of less quality, you can enjoy having a sturdy, attractive and practical steel roof for long-term use.

Types of High Grade New Zealand Steel Roofing for Long-Term Use

Advanced types of top grade New Zealand steel roofing materials for reliable, long-term use as residential or commercial roofing installations and repairs today include the following:

• Zincalume®.
– As its name suggests, this strong roofing material it is a zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel that gives a significantly longer service life than a galvanised coating. The materials act in alignment with each other, combining the anti-corrosion safety of aluminium with the strong protective action of zinc. This top grade steel product with a zinc and aluminium alloy outer coating lasts significantly longer than steel with a galvanised top finish.

Protected by its outer shield of zinc and aluminium, Zincalume offers a formidable product with strength and long-prevailing durability. An ideal choice for sturdy roofing, even in coastal areas with airborne salt-water mist, Zincalume will go the distance, providing you with an attractive, contemporary solution for a cost-effective and extremely durable roof.

– This popular roofing material is available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, finishes and styles to enhance most roofing projects, which allows builders and roof installers to leave design options open and flexible. This roofing material is easy to install, which can save working crews installation time and property owners, money.

This steel product is commonly available for use in three forms—corrugate, tray and trapezoidal. While the neat and repetitive ridges of corrugate give volume and texture to roofs, trapezoidal profiles give a crisp, definite and bold modern appearance. Streamlined tray profiles offer a pleasing minimalist look and enhanced curb appeal to advanced building architecture.

• Galvanised Steel.
– Used to manufacture sheet gauges equaling less than 2 mm., galvanised steel is produced via the metallic coating line and surface-coated with zinc. Hollow objects and piping are also made of this form of steel.

Some products are manufactured of steel and then hot-dipped galvanised for long-term durability. When used for roofing, if another metal comes into contact with the surface of this form of steel, the zinc coating will corrode while the underlying steel maintains its original quality.

By consulting the experts at Johnson Roofing Ltd. in Albany, Auckland, you will receive excellent advice, materials and installation of a top quality steel roof for your residential or commercial property. This company of highly experienced professionals will ensure that your new or renovated roof is composed of the ideal type and quality of steel product to provide you with a long-lasting, fine caliber roof with strength, style and excellent curb appeal.

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