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The Importance of Determining Steel Roof Damage: When to Repair and When to Re-roof?

You will find metal roofing on all types of industrial, commercial, and residential buildings in New Zealand, that’s because metal roofing is an ideal choice for property owners, for a number of reasons. Ease of installation, energy efficiency, hardy, and a wide choice of colour aesthetics are good reasons to have a metal roof installed, although, eventually repairs are needed as nothing lasts forever, including high-quality metal roofing sheets.

Just like other roofing materials, metal roof sheets need to be maintained to get the most out of them. Regular maintenance and inspection of a metal roof can increase its longevity and lower repair costs as years pass. But, there may come a time when steel roof damage is discovered, and at that time, determining when to repair and when to re-roof needs to made.

Why Determining when to Repair and when to Re-roof is Important

Although steel roof sheets are better than shingles as roofing material, these do eventually wear with age and need to be repaired or replaced, if they are worn or damage enough. Determining whether repairs are needed or re-roofing is necessary should be suggested first by a professional steel roofing company, but ultimately, it is the property owner’s final decision.

While repairing a metal roof is usually much cheaper than re-roofing as an option, it is only a temporary solution in many cases. Metal roofing sheets can last decades if maintained regularly and when repairs are made as soon as damage is discovered. However, when rust and corrosion take root, re-roofing is usually advised because it will save money when compared to constantly needing to make roof repairs as a temporary solution, especially when holes begin to form.

Patching Holes or Re-roofing?

When holes begin to appear it is usually because corrosion and rust have developed on the metal sheets, either as a result of damage or as years pass from wear. When this happens, patching holes can stop leaking, temporarily, but the underlining problem, corrosion and rust, remain. Having your steel roof inspected is the only way to know the health of your roof and whether only sections need to be repaired, patched, or replaced, or, whether re-roofing is the best solution.

Sometimes, just a section of a roof can be replaced, rather than re-roofing the whole roof, but a steel roof professional will be able to recommend what is the best solution.

If you want to know the health of your metal roof, you can at no charge from Johnson Roofing – steel metal roofing professionals serving residential and commercial properties for the whole Auckland region.

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