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Important Questions That You Should Ask Before Choosing Steel Roofing

Are you considering reroofing your home or garage? Are you exploring the various roofing options available to you, but you have some questions that you need to ask to make the best informed decision? You should. Owning real-estate is a huge investment that comes with lots of responsibilities, and making sure that you have the best roof for your home is the most important one. Because it just ensures your investment is protected as best as it can.

While steel roofing is a preferred choice for many home-owners, there are other roofing materials that are popular which have been around for a while, these include stone and ceramic tile roofing. However, there are some questions you should ask before committing to a new steel roof, so that you can feel confident that it is what’s best for your home. To help you ask the right questions, here are a few below.

Important Questions about Steel Roofing

Stone and ceramic roofing tiles, wood shingles, and metal roofs are common roofing options for people living in New Zealand. Other areas of the world have different climates, and what may seem like an ideal roofing material in one geographical location or country, may not be what’s best for a New Zealand home.

What are the main benefits of a steel roof compared to a stone or ceramic roof? 

Basically, both ceramic and steel roofs are durable, but steel roofs are far more flexible and easier to install than stone or ceramic roof. For example, metal roofing can be fabricated to fit over any section of a home or building, this cannot be said for ceramic roofing. And, a steel roof weighs much less than stone and ceramic roofing, which make it an ideal choice for light structures such as sheds, garages and smaller homes.

Is a steel roof cheaper than stone or ceramic roofs?

Yes, for a few reasons, such as it takes less time to install steel roofs than it does ceramic or stone roofing, and the cost per metre is also cheaper.

Are there any professional steel roof experts in Auckland?

Absolutely, Johnson Roofing services the whole of Auckland, and they also provide 24 hour emergency service from Manakau to Orewa. The company provides fast and reliable service and offers a free roof inspection to those interested in the benefits of steel roofing for their homes.


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