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Important Roof Safety Inspections for Your Metal Roof’s Integrity

According to building contractors, metal roofing installations have increased considerably over the last decade. Prolonged life expectancy and lower maintenance costs due to regular roof safety inspections are just two of the biggest reasons for this popularity.

Importance of Roof Safety Inspections for Metal Roofs

However, like all other roofing materials, metal roofs have to be inspected and repaired for damages to maintain their durability. There are several ways property owners and managers can inspect their roofs, to look for any damages or warning signs, but it is highly recommended to hire roofing professionals to inspect and repair roofs when needed.

1. Look for trees and branches running against the metal.

If there are a lot of trees around or near your building or house, there is a high chance of abrasion which can the roof. Wind can cause fallen branches to rub against the surface of the metal, which will slowly take off the finish of the metal, which will continue to cause more damage if left unresolved.

2. Removing debris such as fallen tree branches, leaves and dust.

Small wooden pieces, pebbles, dust and debris can all combine to block water drainage on your roof. During the rainy season, this debris spells trouble because it can cause gutter and drain clogging, and when water overflows it can get under the metal sheeting and can damage the building. Or, if stagnant water is allowed to remain on the roof for many days, it can accelerate corrosion.

Just like with all other kinds of roofing materials, it is recommended that you have it inspected and any debris removed, before the rains come. And, pressure water cleaning should help you with this issue.

3. Avoid climbing onto the roof.

This might seem paradoxical when it is suggested to clean debris from roofing periodically. However, there is a difference when roofing experts access the roof safely, using proper equipment and clothing, than just ‘anybody’ climbing onto the roof, which can result in either personal injury and/or damage to the roof.

Metal roofing manufacturers do not test roofing to endure excessive weight caused by foot traffic, and bent metal sheets is definitely no good for the roof because it will allow water to stagnate. This will cause accelerated corrosion to take place, and once rust takes hold it will begin to spread.

If you want to ensure that your metal roof is in good shape, then schedule roof safety inspections a few times a year, with us here at Johnson Roofing Auckland. Our professional roofers will make sure that your roof is in good shape, and if we find any damages or debris, we can repair and clean your roof in a safe and efficient manner.

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