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Improving Your Roof Insulation

17 January 2014

When having your home re-roofed it is especially important to improve your roof’s insulation.

A well-insulated roof is directly responsible for making your home more comfortable while keeping heating and cooling costs low. The sun beats down on your roof all day, heating your roofing materials. It’s common for this warmth to absorb through the roof into your attic. Effective roof insulation can prevent heat from entering your home through the roof.

Although many people connect insulation with winterizing your home and keeping your home warmer during the harsh winter months, insulation is important during all months of the year. Insulation prevents all heat from moving through it, whether the heat is on the inside of your home or the outside of your home. This means that in the winter, insulation will stop heat from escaping and in the summer, insulation will stop heat from entering into your home.

It’s common for roofs to be a dark color and because dark roofs absorb rather than deflect heat, it’s not unusual for the surface temperature of a roof to reach up to 88 degrees Celsius. By contrast, a cool roof made with smooth and light-colored materials will reflect the heat and stay about 20 degrees Celsius cooler during the summer heat.

Even if you’re not considering replacing your roof with a lighter color material, you can still get effective cooling by adding a layer of insulation under your roofing materials. When you have sufficient insulation under your roof, you can stop the intense rays of the sun and the extreme temperatures that build up over your roof from entering through the roof and into your home.

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