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Is It Time for A Roof Repair? Tips in Determining When You Need It

A house won’t be a home without a roof, because the roof is arguably the most important part of any dwelling. It is also built to be the strongest part for obvious reasons, and that is probably why most homeowners tend to overlook it when evaluating the needs of their house; whether it needs repairs or not. Roofs are supposed to last a lifetime, right? Well, that’s true, if they are maintained and repaired when needed.

Why Roof Repair is Needed

Day in and day out, direct heat from sun, sudden weather changes and other kinds of external damage make roofs susceptible to damage. How will you come to know if it actually needs a repair to keep your family safe, if no one inspects it regularly?

Here are a few tips that will help point you in the right direction, in regards to roof repairs:

How long has it been since your last roof inspection? Have you ever had a roof inspection? Often roof damage begins to appear as time passes, repairs depend a lot upon the age of construction and most roofing experts believe that 5 to 10 years is more than enough time to start looking for signs of damage. If 20 to 25 years have passed, you’d most probably need a new roof installation.

A thorough inspection if often the best way to tell if a roof is in need of repairs, because on the surface, to an untrained eye, a roof can look just fine. However, roofing experts can determine if there is any damage under the roof that you can’t see on the surface. A trained eye can spot sagging, signs of water damage, dark spots and moisture patches; all signs that indicate repairs are needed.

If you do notice on the roof’s surface broken shingles, blistering, buckling and curling shingles caused from constant high humidity and rainfall, then you should call roofing experts immediately.

Is your roof leaking water into your home? Most homeowners would put off any roof repairs and maintenance if a little water was found leaking inside garages and sheds, but people only take roof repair seriously when water actually gets inside the home. Water leaking inside the home equals damage to the interior walls of your home. And, that can get expensive to repair.

If you aren’t really certain the last time you’ve had your roof inspected, then it wouldn’t hurt to give an expert a call to have a look at it, just to make sure everything is fine. However, if there is any damage, they will find it and let you know how serious it is.

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