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Managing Roof Costs: When to Repair, Repatch or Re-roof

10 June 2016

There is nothing as rewarding as home ownership, and while owning a home has many, many benefits, it comes with some inherited responsibilities, such as home maintenance and up keep, which includes the foundation of a home, plumbing, electrical, walls and especially the roof. Of all the things to upkeep in and around a home, maintaining the roof is the most important because if neglected, roof costs associated with fixing a damaged roof can be expensive.

Metal roofing is very popular today, as this type of roof is hardy, easier and faster to install, repair, repatch and re-roof, if necessary. While metal roofs can last just as long as they are maintained, metal roofing may need to be repaired, even if it doesn’t physically seem damaged. So, when does a metal roof need repairing, and how best to manage the roof costs incurred? Let’s have a look.

When is it Time to Repair, Repatch or Re-roof?

As the years pass, roofs endure a lot of weathering and can even suffer from physical damage. Damage to a roof can come from many sources such as from falling tree branches or by people walking on them. However, even though metal roof sheeting is tough stuff, it can erode with time and neglect, but there are also some other reasons that can cause damage to roofing that would require roof repairing, repatching, or even reroofing to be done – that is improper roof installation or poor roof repairs.

While most damages to a roof are discovered during rains, a metal roof doesn’t have to leak to need repairing. It is very unfortunate that some residential metal roof repairs are not done properly, and need to be repaired. The same is true of an incorrectly installed metal sheet roof, it too may need fixing or even reroofing, which is a terrible thing to happen to any homeowner.

Whether there is evidence of a leaking roof, visible signs of erosion, or you just suspect that a roof repair or re-roof job was done incorrectly, then the best thing to do is have a metal roof inspection conducted. That is the only ‘real’ way to make sure if you need any roof repairs done, or not.

Johnson Roofing provides steel roof inspections and reliable roofing repairs. Our experienced roofers are available to you any time, as we also provide a 24 hour call out service to the whole Auckland region.

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