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Metal Roof Installers in Auckland: Know the Common Causes of Metal Roof Leaks

Emergencies involving your metal roofs, like roof leaks, insulation issues, and storm damage, may necessitate the purchase of new replacement parts for your metal roof. The thought of hunting for a knowledgeable roofing contractor who can resolve your leaking issues adds to this burden. Call Johnson Roofing Metal Roof Installers in Auckland immediately if you need residential or commercial roof replacement or repairs.

The roof is a crucial component of your house because it protects your family, your belongings, and you from the elements. To help you ensure that your roof is well-maintained, here are the most common causes of metal roof leaks that you should know.

Metal Roofing Rust

Older roofs and roofs of lower quality or inferiority will eventually rust. Rust can disintegrate a portion of your roof, leaving holes and fissures that let water into your house. Johnson Roofing uses only the most reliable, premium roofing materials, such as COLORSTEEL roofing, since they are designed to resist even the worst weather conditions.

Missing Roof Sealants

Your metal roofing is installed along with metal roof sealants. However, they must be done correctly by professionals and cannot be used as a long-term leak fix. Because of this, it’s crucial to have a metal roofing contractor do routine inspections and maintenance, especially in places where sealants are used, including flashings and the transition areas between different types of roofs. High-quality metal roof sealant is necessary to guarantee that your roof will last and continue to be strong, durable, and flexible.

Stack Flashings

Like roof sealants, stack flashings have an expected lifespan. Pipes and vents have flashings inserted at them to create seals. As flashings are made of rubberised material, they normally squeeze when your metal roof expands due to heat or other weather conditions. This causes your metal roof to compress and test your flashings’ seals. One of the best things you can do for your roofing is to replace worn-out or rotting flashings through routine maintenance to prevent water damage brought on by leaks.

Improperly Driven Metal Roofing Screws

Properly driven metal roofing screws typically prevent water leaks in metal roofs. Rubber washers and metal roofing screws should be precisely matched, creating a gasket tightly squeezed against your roofing surface. The improper angle when driving metal screws will typically cause water to seep through your metal roofing. Roofing screws that have been driven incorrectly may also appear misaligned, overdriven, or underdriven. One of the biggest causes of roof leaks is this kind of improperly driven screw position.

What should you do if your metal roof begins to leak? Call Johnson Roofing experts ASAP.  We can perform emergency roof repairs, maintenance, and other roofing tasks to help you identify and address the cause of leaks in your home. We can offer quality roofing services to residential and commercial roofing projects, and we truly live up to the saying, “No task is too big or too small.” Call us at 09 447 3857 for a no-obligation assessment at a time that suits you.

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