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Metal Roofing and the Importance of Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation, no matter the type of roofing material used, is important for a home’s integrity, surprisingly, it is a vital aspect of roofing that most property owners are unaware about. Why is roof ventilation so important, especially for residential homes?

The reason is that heat builds up under a roof as intense rays from the sun beat down on it day after day, and year after year, essentially baking the supporting layers beneath it. Metal roofing, even with high-quality COLORSTEEL® roof coating, does absorbs and gives off heat, especially during the hot times of the year, and ventilation helps to cool underneath the roof.

Roof Ventilation is Important for Metal Roofing

Basically, roof ventilation allows heat to rise and hot air to escape, while at the same time allowing cooler air to flow, providing a natural source of air circulation that helps to protect the roof. If a metal roof doesn’t have adequate ventilation many problems can develop, such as mildew can develop on materials under the roof and in the attic, cause heat damage, and it can raise the temperature in the rest of the house, which will cause more energy spent to cool the home.

Not only does natural airflow made possible with proper roof ventilation makes sure that water vapours do not create mould and mildew under the roof and in the attic, and prevent heat damage to materials in the attic, but its main appeal is that it is an effective way to lower energy costs.

Roof Ventilation Equates to Energy Savings

Metal roofing sheets with light colour are the best at reflecting the sun’s rays and can significantly help to cool a home naturally, which reduces the overall energy used to regulate the temperature inside your home, by preventing heat from building up in the attic. High-quality metal roofs provide the best ventilation, especially when coated with COLORSTEEL®, which is why both residential and commercial metal roofs are so popular with builders and property owners in New Zealand.

Installing a residential or commercial steel roof has many benefits, which is why so many property owners prefer them. If you are considering installing a new roof, or need re-roofing done, please feel free to contact us here at Johnson Roofing, we offer a free consultation by appointment.

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