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Metal Roofing Issues: Most Common Causes of Corrosion and How It Forms on Metal


Metal roofing is an ideal choice for property owners who are concerned about improving energy efficiency, and who want to add a distinguished design element to their homes and structures. Although metal roofing sheets are significantly better than shingles for roofing, these still wear with age and need repairing, patching, and re-roofing, eventually. Metal roofing can last decades, if it is maintained properly, otherwise these can prematurely corrode, rust, and then holes begin to form.

Most Common Causes of Corrosion and How It Forms on Metal

The short and basic answer is, they are made of iron-based metal and habitually presented to rain and dampness, henceforth they experience the ill effects of rust corrosion! Rust is an electrochemical interaction that happens on metal surfaces that are presented to the electrolytes. When rusting happens the oxides expand and consume more space than the first material. The powers in this cycle are tremendously harmful to the design enduring an onslaught.

Three components should be available all together for iron oxide, or rust to frame. These components are iron, water and oxygen. You won’t be shocked to realize that the primary driver for rusting is water! Oxygen in water and dampness makes iron oxide, commonly known as rust, on any iron mass like steel.

Even though steel structures seem strong water atoms will infiltrate minuscule pits and breaks in uncovered metal. The oxygen which is available in air essentially breaks up in the water which forms a layer of rust. The synthetic composition of rust is Fe2O3.nH2O.

So essentially rust corrosion is an assault that obliterates the metal because of how it responds to the environment around it. Rust happens all the more rapidly with the corrosive downpour and pungent water by the ocean side. Given sufficient time the whole construction will self-destruct and crumble. This is a concern and for sure a significant reason for concern.

The main reason metal roofs begin to corrode and rust is that their protective coating has eroded, thus exposing the base metal to the elements – the sun, wind and rain. There are various grades of metal sheets for roofs available, and when it does come time for re-roofing a home, it is highly advised to always choose the best grade metal sheets possible because they will resist rust and corrosion longer. However, although replacing metal sheets is the best solution for rusty metal roofing sheets with holes, there are times when patching these is best, and the most qualified person to make that distinction is someone who knows about metal roofing, such as expert roofers at Johnson Roofing. For a free roof inspection, and available 24 hour emergency service for the whole Auckland region, call Johnson Roofing, we offers roof repair and re-roofing solutions to fix rusty roofs with holes.

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