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New Roof: What Makes Steel Roofing a Viable Option for Factories?

Of all the roofing materials available for factories and warehouses, only steel roofing can provide the solutions for buildings that require low-slopes and steep-slopes. With any other roofing type, roofing contractors will say it is impossible, that is one reason why steel roofing is a viable option for factories of all sizes and shapes. Essentially, a new steel roof is ideal for factories, warehouses, and commercial buildings, for a few good reasons.

The Reasons a New Steel Roofing is a Viable Option for Factories

In New Zealand, steel roofing is widely used on homes, commercial buildings, and all types of industrial buildings, for good reasons, mainly ease of installation, versatility, low-maintenance, affordability, and availability, to mention a few. But the main reasons to focus on as to why a new steel roof is the best roofing solution for factories are listed below:

Versatility of Steel Roofing – The impossible becomes possible with steel roofing, that’s because the versatility of steel roofing cannot be beaten by other roofing materials, when it comes to meeting the specific needs of some building designs, such as ground-to-ground buildings, roofs that require overhead cranes, roofs with overhead ducting, roofing with differential heights, and low-slope and steep-slope roofs.

Basically, a new steel roof can be custom tailored to meet a factory’s specific needs, without the limitations of other roofing materials.

Superior Ventilation – Using turbo-ventilators with a new steel roof effectively works up hot air from inside factories by natural convection, making such roof-top, wind-driven ventilators a cost-effective and quiet way to cool large buildings. Besides, not requiring electricity to ventilate large factory spaces, steel ventilators can run for long periods of time with just a slight breeze, and requires almost no maintenance.

Natural Lighting –
With steel roofing, adding skylights at regular intervals along the length of a factory lets more natural lighting inside, and can greatly reduce electricity usage. Skylights also enhances the architectural and aesthetics appearance of structures.

Ample Space for Hangers –
Planning where metal hooks, ducts, false ceilings, cable trays, and hangers, to suspend light fixtures, is easy with a new steel roof, and making modifications, even after the roof is installed, is possible and not expensive.

Affordability and Durability –
When compared to other commercial and industrial roofing options, such as asphalt shingles, steel roofing is the best because it can be installed quickly, which lowers the initial installation costs, and it is affordable, and more durable than other roofing materials.

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