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Re-Roofing Industrial Factories and Why Old Asbestos Must Be Removed

When re-roofing your industrial factory, you must ensure that the roofing company removes any old asbestos from it prior to installing the roof materials. While once a common material in roofs and other parts of buildings, it is now known as a hazardous material that can cause health issues and even death for those exposed to it on a regular basis. We are here to explain what asbestos is, and why it is so crucial to remove it from your structure in the following facts.

What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a broad term for six different silicate minerals that are found in various parts of the world. It can be reformed into a soft, fibrous consistency. Once in fibrous form, it is an effective insulation material, but also can be combined with cement, paper and other materials to increase their strength and durability. Also, it is resistant to chemicals, fire and corrosion. Unfortunately, over the years, research discovered that this substance also has been highly toxic but more about that later.

Asbestos Was Once Used Heavily in Construction 

For years, asbestos was once a common material in the construction industry because of its various attributes. It was not unusual to find it in the following products:

• Roofing shingles
• Wall board
• Insulation
• Floor tiles
• Adhesives
• Other construction materials

The Importance of Removing Old Asbestos

Now that we have covered the attributes of asbestos, we will explain the dangers of this material. Throughout the years of its heavy use, evidence started to emerge that asbestos was causing health issues not only for the miners who mined it, but also for others who worked with it in the construction and other industries. The reason for this is that when it breaks down, its fibres are microscopic in size and are easily inhaled into the lungs. When people inhale enough of the asbestos fibres, they can come down with serious respiratory diseases. One prime example of this is Mesothelioma, which is an aggressive form of cancer that occurs in the mesothelium membrane. Since the discovery of the link between asbestos exposure and respiratory issues, special rules and regulations have been enacted on the safe removal procedures of asbestos from structures. To safeguard yourself and your workers, you must ensure that asbestos is removed from your building prior to the installation of the re-roofing material.

For further details about why old asbestos must be removed prior to the re-roofing process, consult with Johnson Roofing. We specialise in roof maintenance, re-roofing and the installation of new roofs. If you require the removal of asbestos from your industrial factory prior to re-roofing, we ensure that it will be done so in a safe, thorough fashion.

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