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Reasons Why Steel Roofing is Ideal for an Expansive Flat Commercial Roof

Expansive commercial roofs pose a challenge when it comes to selecting the right roofing materials to protect them sufficiently over the years mainly due to their lack of pitch. While there are numerous different materials that will be adequate for the task, steel roofing outperforms some of them and therefore, is one of the popular choices today for these roofs. Refer to the details below to learn more information about why steel roofing is ideal for an expansive flat commercial roof.

Longevity of the Steel Roofing

The prime reason to turn to steel roofing for a large flat commercial roof is that it lasts for up to 70 years. In comparison, asphalt tiles last 20 years max usually. Therefore, asphalt tiles are not recommended for this type of roof since you will need to replace the tiles at least twice, if not three times, to just one steel roof. This means that the asphalt roofs can wind up costing more over the years than investing in a durable steel roof.

Flexibility of Design

Since there is a wide assortment of profiles for steel roofing available today, you have flexibility of design with it for your expansive flat commercial roofs. Each profile provides a slightly unique appearance to your roof.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Steel roofing is easy to clean and requires low, if any, maintenance throughout its lifespan. You should keep a steel roof as free of debris as possible to prevent organic elements from damaging it. However, this is easy to do since elements do not adhere to steel as readily as they do with other roofing materials. If a repair is required, it is quick and easy to perform as long as it is a minor issue.


Another benefit of steel roofing is that you can recycle it when it is time for a new one. Also, your new steel roof will contain a certain amount of recycled steel. This recycling reduces the need for raw ore and the excessive energy it takes to process it into steel.

Steel Roofing Is Safe and Energy Efficient

An additional reason to install steel roofing on your large flat commercial roof is that it is fire resistant and ideal even in fire-prone areas. On top of this, steel roofs are energy efficient and can reduce your cooling costs up to 25 percent.

For further details about the reasons that steel roofing is ideal for an expansive flat commercial roof, consult with Johnson Roofing. We will analyse your roofing needs, provide you expert guidance and present you with a personalised, accurate quote.

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