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Risks and Hazards of Reroofing an Existing Structure

Without a doubt, the roof is the most important part of any home, building, or structure, which is why the choice of roofing material is paramount. In New Zealand, many residential and commercial property owners trust NZ steel roofing materials to protect their homes and buildings, for good reasons.

It is completely normal for a building to reach the stage where it will require a re roof. Therefore if it is looking a bit shabby, starting to rust or you have found evidence of leaks from multiple places then chances are that now is a good time to get it inspected by one of our professional roofers.

Reroofing can come with an even greater risk than a new build as often the building in questions is full of possessions and the process will require some period of time for the building to be roofless. Therefore at Johnson Roofing we keep this front of mind when planning our Re Roofs and ensure the weather is monitored and plans altered accordingly.

Here are the risks and hazards of reroofing an existing structure.

Fall Risks

Indeed, even master roofers have had brushes with death with falling previously. 34% of falling wounds when material winds up being fatalities because of the genuine harm done by falling. You’re additionally managing huge loads of gear on the rooftop you can stumble on when you’re material also. This is one of the fundamental reasons material is so risky.

No one completes work on their rooftop except if there’s an issue. Because of this, when roofers jump on the rooftop there’s reasonable a wide scope of missing black-top shingles, bent shingles, and that’s just the beginning. On the off chance that they step in some unacceptable place and lose their balance, they could fall and seriously harm themselves. They can even fall through homes if enough harm has been done in one specific zone.

Terrible Perception

Individuals can likewise unexpectedly get terrified of statures and this can make their legs shudder. Rooftops are never totally level and simple to work with. If you judge the encompassing territory gravely, you’re in for a serious fall.

Johnson Reroofing service takes care of everything. From removing the old roof, to disposing of it, ordering the materials and then the laying of a replacement roof, a call to Johnson Roofing sees the rest left up to us. We set a realistic time frame for the jobs completion and most of all give you ample warning of any changes to the original timeline

It’s not just existing steel roofs that we can help with a re roof either. If your home has a Butynol, tile or shingle roof Johnson Roofing can also be of assistance in getting your home or commercial building looking fresh with a brand new steel roof. We offer our re roof service Auckland wide and are proud members of the RANZ, so get in touch today to book a time for one of our professionals to come out and see you.

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