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Risks Involved When Your Steel Roof Flashing is Loose and Rusty


Step outside of your house and look up and onto your roof. If you have a steel roof then you’ll likely see that your material comes together at certain angles. Sometimes the way two sections of your roof meets can end up creating a peak or a valley. In these areas, which are considered problem areas for leakage and potential water damage, roof flashing is installed to inhibit problems. Roof flashing is another addition to your roof that can help prolong the life of your home. However, even the best roof flashing isn’t perfect and imperfect flashing can lead to a host of problems down the line. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about steel roof flashing and the consequences that can come from letting the material get rusty and loose.

Rusty & Loose Steel Roof Flashing – Problems and Consequences

Your roof is probably the most underrated part of your entire home, even if you have a quality steel metal roof installed. Steel metal roofing can help to greatly prolong the life of your home while providing a variety of other benefits. Despite the high-quality steel that is commonly used in roofing, certain areas can become more problematic than others over time. This is where our roof flashing comes into play. Roof flashing is separated into a variety of different categories, such as your chimney base flashing or where two segments of your roof come together. No matter what part of the flashing we are talking about, we need to make sure that it is always properly maintained. What can happen when your roof flashing starts to come loose or rust?

1) Leakage – Roof flashing is installed in order to prevent the build-up of moisture in areas where water accumulation is otherwise inevitable. When roof flashing starts to corrode or come loose, the leakage can find its way into your home.

2) Roof Failure
– Failed roof flashing can lead to a loss of structural integrity in the rest of your roof. When an important part of your roof flashing fails, everything around it can start to fall apart.

3) Safety Risks – A damaged and rusted roof flashing is dangerous because it has the risks of literally falling which may injure anyone on its path. Likewise, if it rips apart, it will cause even more damage to your entire roof.

Don’t make it a habit to ignore these important aspects of your roof. While steel roofing is known for being incredibly sound from a structural standpoint, problems can still arise. Make sure to make routine inspections of your roof, including the various flashing points, and catalogue any potential problems. Being proactive allows you to ward off larger problems and that, in turn, is going to make your life much happier as a result.

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