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Roof Guttering and Maintenance

Having your gutters cleaned regularly during fall and spring will keep them in good working condition for years to come. Leaves, twigs, branches, and just about anything that gets blown to the roof can accumulate through the months and eventually congest the downspouts. When your gutter gets clogged up, water from the gutter will overflow and cause water damage to the fascia and roof structure. When ignored, rain water will eventually find their way to your structure’s foundation or in the basement.

It does not matter how old your gutter is, maintenance is important to keep it working properly. Keep in mind that your gutters protect your home from the ravaging damages of water. You should set up scheduled roof and gutter cleaning and check-ups and strictly follow this schedule. By having your gutters regularly cleaned and properly maintained (fixing small issues as soon as they are detected), you will be able to avoid serious structural issues like sagging roof or mould formation inside your walls.

Most homeowners make the error of waiting until there a problem manifests with their gutters before they call the gutter roof cleaning experts. Ignoring the relevance of regular gutter maintenance can force you to spend more when large repairs become necessary in fixing your damaged property. Gutters are designed to direct rain water into a selected area and when it is weighed down with extra weight brought about by the accumulation of leaves and other debris. And that is why it is extremely essential in the life and efficacy of your gutter to have it cleaned on a regular basis. To certain areas, when the roof and gutters are not thoroughly cleaned until winter comes, snow will sit heavily on top of the debris on your roof and this can lead to some heavy damage on your roofing structure. The ideal time to have your gutters cleaned is during spring or fall.

Prevention Saves You Money

Clogged gutters can cause serious trouble to our home’s structure and your family’s health. At the same time, gutter repair prices are tremendously high and you can avoid this by simply having your gutters and roofing consistently maintained and cleaned. Here is a look at what you will be facing if your gutters are not appropriately maintained.

Damage to your home’s foundation. With a malfunctioning gutter, rainwater reaches down to your basement and slowly eats up on your foundation. This can lead to very costly repairs. At some point, too much moisture can cause the foundation to crack or shift. Aside from the hard-to-repair damage on you foundation, the value of our property is also diminished.

Flooded basements and lawns. Water that overflows into the wrong spots can lead to flooded lawns and basements and we are all too aware of the amount of cleaning that would entail, not to mention the moulds that can grow because of excessive moisture.

Thus, with all of these problems that will arise; it is very important to always think of having an experienced contractor who will give quality roof guttering and maintenance services for you. This is something that Johnson Roofing can definitely do for you and our fast and efficient service is our guarantee.


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