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Should You Get Rid of Your Old Roof Shingles and Switch to Steel Roofing?


Steel roofs are extremely popular today because of all of their attributes, including the fact that they are recyclable at the end of their lifespan. While you have been reading and learning about the benefits of these roofs, you probably have come across advice that states to remove your old roof shingles before you switch the steel roofing, and you may wonder if this fact really is true. The short answer is ‘maybe’ but there is more to it than this quick answer. It also depends on the following.

How Old Is Your Shingled Roof?

You need to remove your old roof shingles if the shingles are at the end of their lifespan. Asphalt shingles only last up to 20 years at most. After this, they begin to crack and break which means that if you leave them under a new steel roof that they will diminish the integrity of the roof’s structure.

Are the Shingles in Bad Condition?

In the event that the shingles are still in ideal condition, it might be fine to leave them to apply the steel roofing over them. However, this also may depend upon what profile of steel roofing and if leaving the shingles would interfere with the quality of its installation.

Do You Need Additional Support for Your Steel Roof Than What Is in Your Old Roof?

There is no other choice but to remove the old roof shingles when you need extra support for your new steel roof in comparison to your present roof. The roof sheathing has to be able to support the steel roofing in a sturdy fashion for you to receive a quality roof installation.

Are There Already Multiple Layers to Your Roof?

When your present roof already contains two layers of roofing, you will need to remove all of the old shingles to install the metal roofing. Three layers of roofing materials is just too much for the sheathing to support along with other determining factors.

Is the Sheathing under the Shingles Warped or Cracked?

Sheathing supports the roof materials along with the roof rafters. If it is warped or cracked, the shingles will need removing to make way for new sheathing prior to the installation of the steel roofing.

Remember that in comparison to asphalt shingles, steel roofing lasts far longer for a greater return on your investment. For further reasons that you should get rid of your old roof shingles and switch to steel roofing, consult with Johnson Roofing. We are experts in all aspects of roofing. Our company delivers quality results at affordable prices.

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