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Solar Panel Installation on Metal Roofs: Tips to Avoid Leak Problems

22 March 2019

A common concern with a solar panel installation on a metal roof is how to go about it to avoid leak problems afterwards. Many people fear that attaching the panels to the metal will create holes that will let moisture seep into the roof’s structural components and further into the house or building. The problem is that you cannot know for sure until the installation is complete and issues start to occur. For this reason, we provide the following tips on how to avoid leak problems with an installation of solar panels on a metal roof.

Consult with an Expert to Ensure That the Solar Panel System Is Compatible with Your Specific Metal Roof

Do not buy just any solar panel system. The one that you purchase should be compatible with the style of your metal roof. Contact experts on both the solar panels and the metal roofing to accomplish this goal.

Hire Only a Reputable Company to Install Your Solar Panels

Whether you hire a roofing company or a solar panel company to perform the installation, be certain that the company is reputable and has the right experience with your system on a metal roof. By doing so, you reduce the risk of leaks substantially.

Never Install Solar Panels on a Metal Roof That Needs Repairing or Replacing

Another way to avoid leak problems with a solar panel installation on your metal roof is to never attach solar panels to a roof when it needs repairs or replacement. This goes for the surface roofing as well as the structural components. Before proceeding, solve all roof issues correctly and thoroughly.

Installation Should Be Performed According to Australian Standards

At times, solar panel installers will use existing roofing screws to attach the panels to the roof. However, you need to understand that Australian Standards state that a larger diameter of screws should replace existing screws when present holes are being used for the installation.

Certain Solar Panels Systems Integrate Into the Metal Roof 

There are solar panels available today that integrate into the structure of the metal roof without issues of leaking. When you are replacing your entire roof, these panels are worth looking into for your house or building. As the new roof is installed, so are the solar panels.

For further information about how to avoid leak problems with a solar panel installation on metal roofs, consult with Johnson Roofing. We will guide you in the right direction for your specific situation and provide you with durable, ideal results. Also, all work is guaranteed.

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