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Why Steel Roof is Good for Commercial and Domestic Roofing

Every building needs a roof, and there are many materials used for roofing today, and because of that, it can feel a bit overwhelming to make such an important decision. The basic truth to finding the best roofing for a building has to do with location, geographically, as the environment should dictate what works best. In New Zealand, steel roofing is the best choice for both commercial and domestic buildings, and there are a number of reasons why.

Wood shingles dry out and crack, and their very nature presents a potential fire risk. Concrete tiles actually experience problems with freeze and thaw cycles, especially at higher elevations. And, like wood shingles, installing concrete and ceramic roofing takes a lot of time, especially when compared to the short time it takes to install a metal roof.

There are more than a few other reasons why a steel roof is good for commercial and domestic roofing, as you will discover.

Steel Roof is Good for Commercial and Domestic Roofing in New Zealand

There are many aspects to consider with each roofing type, such as the flexibility of the roof material, its weight on the building structure, and the cost to install it. These are some of the things to consider when choosing a roofing material.

Here are some reasons why New Zealanders pick steel roofs for their buildings:

– Flexibility and Ease of Installation

Steel sheet roofing is flexible, more than any other hard roofing material. It can be fabricated to cover angled areas easily, when other materials cannot. This allows metal roofing to cover any style and shape of building.

– Light-Weight, Durable and Strong

Compared to concrete and ceramic roof tiles, metal roofing sheets weigh much less, and make an ideal choice for smaller buildings, sheds and garage roofs, and it is just as study, durable, and strong.

– Cheaper than Stone or Ceramic Roofs
A steel roof is much cheaper than stone or ceramic roofing because the steel sheets costs less per metre of roof covered, and the cost of labour is less as it takes less time to install.

Investing in steel roofing has many benefits, which is why it is the perfect choice for both commercial and domestic buildings in New Zealand. You can learn more about the benefits and costs metal roof made from New Zealand steel, when you take advantage of a free consultation visit by Johnson Roofing.

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