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Why Steel Roofing is The Best Choice for Solar Panel Mounting

26 July 2017

Solar paneled roofs are not only a great way to save money, but they can guarantee you that your house has reserve power if ever the electricity gets cut off, it’s also an excellent way to help save the environment. Of course, we all know that solar panels are a lifetime investment that requires a proactive outlook on installation, repairs, and general maintenance, but not many consider that there are ideal types of roofing that are far more suited for solar panel mounting than most.

Of the many kinds of roofing types available in the market today, steel roofing is by far the best choice for solar panel mounting, and for good reason! Since solar panels have a tendency to be somewhat heavy, having reinforced steel roofing supporting them is definitely an advantage.

Here are some of the other reasons why steel roofing is ideal if you’re contemplating on having solar panels installed on your steel roof:

• Extra durability – because of the sheer heft of some larger solar panel brands available, typical roofs with wooden or timber beams may not actually be able to suffice for long-term purposes, and can even damage the roof under its weight. Obviously, steel is far more durable than wood, and is able to be welded, bolted, or set in place, increasing its overall durability. This allows solar panels to remain suspended without fear of the roof caving in due to lack of structural integrity.

• Low-maintenance nature
– steel, once set, is very low-maintenance. If you expect to enjoy the perks of your solar panels, without having to worry about upkeep and after-care, once the installation is completed, steel roofing will allow you to bask in the benefits of your newly-minted eco-friendly power generator, without having to worry about maintenance for a long, long time.

• Long-term investment that gives back – while the initial cost of having your steel roof altered to accommodate solar panels, the initial expense is typically a one-time deal that will only keep on giving back. Steel roofing’s low-maintenance nature, as well as its superior structural integrity and its resistance to the ravages of time and weathering, will allow you to save money in the long run. This is because you’ll skip through having to deal with dozens of repairs, replacements, and maintenance costs, as you would with other types of roofing materials.

If you’re looking for a professional steel roofing company that can help you re-roof your home, or that can make sure that your steel roof can accommodate solar paneling, then contact Johnson Roofing in Auckland today.

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