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Summer Season Re-Roofing and Roof Repairs: Why Is It the Best Season?


If you need roof repairs or re-roofing, you may wonder what the best season is for scheduling these tasks here in the Auckland area of New Zealand. The truth is that we are in the midst of the ideal season right now namely, summer. We elaborate on why we state this in the following details.

Roofers Are Easier to Schedule during the Summer

So many property owners are busy with holiday plans or enjoying the nice weather that the last thing on their minds is scheduling roof repairs or re-roofing projects right now. For this reason, it can be easier to schedule roofers during the summer months.

The Temperatures Are Warmer

Since the temperatures are warmer during the summer months, there is no fear of heating bills going up during a re-roofing project that may reduce the thermal performance of the roof temporarily. Also, the installation runs smoothly due to the fact that the sheathing is at the right temperature for nailing or other fastening options.

Rainfall Is Lower during the Summer Months

There is less chance of rain in the summer to interrupt or delay your roofing needs. While roofers may still be able to perform minor repairs in the rain, they cannot do complex re-roofing projects.

No Risk of Frigid Temperatures and Snow in the Summer

Another reason that the summer is the perfect season for roof repairs and re-roofing projects is that there is no risk of frigid temperatures, snow and ice here in Auckland, Australia. Snow and ice make roofs dangerous for roofers to traverse, and most will hesitate to work on your roof during these conditions unless it is an emergency situation.

Summer Is the Ideal Time to Prepare the Roof for the Autumn and Winter Weather

You also should consider repairing your roof or re-roofing it during the summer to prepare it for the autumn and winter weather that can tax a roof that is showing wear and tear to the breaking point. By remedying all of the present issues at this time of the year, you prevent problems from turning more severe in the months to come.

For further information about why summer is the ideal season for re-roofing and roof repairs, contact Johnson Roofing. We specialise in roof maintenance, re-roofing and new roofs for commercial and residential properties as well as other types of structures. Our company serves our clients throughout the year, but summer is especially ideal to address any roofing need. You can receive a quote of our services upon request, and we will issue a guarantee of satisfaction at the completion of your roofing tasks.

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