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The Rise of Metal Roofing in Demand and Popularity

Metal roofs aren’t just for commercial construction anymore. As homeowners’ demand for low-maintenance, durable roofing options grows, metal roofs have become an appealing alternative for residential projects. In fact, 14% of the residential market was comprised of metal roofing in 2016. Now that number has nearly doubled, and as metal roofs continue to surge in popularity among homeowners, more textures, shapes, colors, and designs are being made available.

So what makes metal roofing such an appealing option for homeowners? Metal roofs can last 40-70 years, which is a significantly longer lifespan than more traditional options like asphalt shingles. They can also withstand certain extreme weather conditions, such as wildfires, lightning strikes, and wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour.

Metal roofs can also lower energy bills by reflecting unwanted heat in the summer and increasing insulation during colder months. Plus, finishing a metal roof with a durable coating allows for an even wider variety of colours, textures, and design options.

Metal roofing has claimed a spot in the roofing industry as one of the leading customer preferences for roof replacement. How did this material rise to fame in the recent years? Read on below to find out.

Continuous Annual Growth

The continuous growth of metal roofing began in 1998, when the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) created a national consumer awareness campaign. They found that the metal roofing market had approximately 3.7 percent of consumers. Since then, the metal roofing industry has received growth in the residential market because of the agency’s efforts in disseminating metal roof information.

Popularised in Various Regions

According to a data supplement from Dodge Data and Analytics, metal roofing has increased its popularity ratings. This company is also behind some of the best product and service statistics, such as the consensus behind preferred fibre cement siding repair services. Some regions showed rapid growth, such as the Pacific, East South Central and Mid Atlantic.The largest market share in metal roofing is the East South Central region, with a metal roof installed on over 30% of residential houses.

Recent Market Aspect

As the demand for metal roofs grows, the market share for other popular roofing products such as asphalt roofs decreases. In 2016, asphalt dropped down to 59 percent, from a 64 percent market share the previous year. Metal is enjoying its current popularity as a roofing material among home and business owners because of its durability and versatility. Know more about the demand and popularity of metal roofing from Johnson Roofing. We appreciate how important the roof is for your home or building and work with you to ensure a fix that lasts for years. We service the entire Auckland region from Orewa to Manukau, offer no obligation quotes and really stand by our work.

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