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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Metal Roof Replacement in Auckland

If the roof of your Auckland home is beginning to age, you should consider getting a metal roof replacement. If you are reading this, it is likely that your asbestos or concrete tile roof has reached the end of its useful life and that you are thinking about replacing it. Contact the leading Auckland roofing company that only uses the best quality materials and immediately get a free estimate on replacing your outdated roof. If you’re still unsure about replacing your old roof with a metal roof, here are five reasons why you should:

Does Not Quickly Fade and Become Discoloured

Many natural and contemporary colours are available for Colorsteel metal roofing in Auckland. Metal roofing is much superior compared to concrete tiles, which quickly fade and lose their colour due to the elements. A Colorsteel roof will keep its colour for longer than any other roofing material. Additionally, we offer a quality and manufacturer’s warranty on all roof products and replacements. We take the utmost care of your home when we begin work on your roof, just as we would our own.

It’s Easier to Install

In addition to lasting longer, metal roofing is also easier to install. This is because metal roofing is available in broad panels or sheets. Metal roof replacement options are lightweight, easier to build, and less delicate than tiled roofing materials. If you think about it, roof tiles fit together like puzzle pieces; therefore, your roofing contractor will need to stay on the job site longer to put everything together. The enormous weight of a concrete tile roof may also require structural reinforcing of your home. For this reason, choosing a metal roof replacement for your Auckland home is a wise decision.

Metal Roof is Fire-Resistant

If you live in a bushfire-prone location, metal roofing offers better fire protection for you and your family. A metal roof won’t burn or melt in the case of a blaze or lightning strike. Burning debris doesn’t fall into your house; it instead glides off the slanted metal roof.   Although concrete tiles are fire resistant, they frequently fracture in high heat, exposing your roof area.

It Keeps Moss and Vegetation Away

With more than ten years of expertise in the roofing industry, we’ve seen it all, and one sight that is all too often is moss growing on tiled roofs. Moss spores easily colonise tiled roof surfaces and become a substantial, rain-catching green carpet. Moss eventually makes its way under roof tiles, allowing water to enter your roof area and causing it to become damp. However, a metal roof replacement offers a slippery surface that inhibits invasive vegetation growth. We strongly advise installing a metal roof to keep your roof area dry and avoid labour-intensive moss removal.

It is More Durable and Lasts Longer

A new roof for your Adelaide home requires a sizeable investment. Therefore, the material you choose must be durable. A replacement metal roof will undoubtedly outlive a tile roof by a significant margin. A metal roof typically lasts for 70 years, whereas a tile roof is lucky to last 50 years. The fact that metal roofing won’t break, won’t corrode and can endure winds up to 220 km/h is another excellent reason to think about switching to a metal roof. Even the heaviest hailstorms will not pierce a metal roof, but strong winds can shatter or displace concrete tiles.

Are you convinced about switching to a metal roof for your Auckland home? Our professionals at Johnsons Roofing will be more than happy to assist with your roof replacement needs. We can also offer you sustainable roofing solutions if that’s the path you plan to embark on. Our team are friendly, and we are available for a no-obligation quote at your convenience, Auckland-wide.

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