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Looking for High Quality Roofing: Try Steel Roofing Solutions

High quality roofing is something that covers you, and your home or business, for the long haul.

There is no roofing available that will offer more longevity of life or protection than steel. Steel roofing is guaranteed to last and lower costs on your energy bill. Sure, there are other materials on the market, and some of them are really good. Still, there is none that can compete with steel roofing solutions. Steel roofing protects you from extreme heat, cold and weather conditions that other materials simply cannot stand up to for extended amounts of time. It is also far more environmentally friendly.

While steel roofing may sound boring it is anything but. There are a wealth of colors and styles to choose from, and it is truly a beautification addition to any home or business. The style options leave room for everyone to find something that they will love. The curb appeal is amazing, but the guarantee that stands behind this roofing is invaluable.

You’re never going to have to worry about water damages, mildew and mold again. Colors will stay true, and the UV protection in metal roofing is unmatched. Fading is not something associated with these quality roofing solutions, and at the end of the day you are doing your part to protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Up to 30% of the steel is recycled, so this is another great way that you are helping the environment. Steel roofing is even considered a tax deductible home investment in some states.

Sometimes the steel roofing can be installed right over the existing roof. This saves time and money while also adding that extra layer of protection and energy saving material to the home. Toxic assault won’t end up in the landfill, and you get the most out of your money spent on metal roofing solutions. Steel roofing will also outlast any other roofing solution on the market.

Maintenance is so low. While the initial investment may be a bit more than the alternative, the investment is a long term beneficial one for any home or business owner to make. In the end you actually save cash, so if you add up what you would spend on repairs or replacements it is almost an investment that over time pays for itself. It has a low life-cycle cost, low maintenance fees and it stands up to the elements. Even strong winds are no match for a steel roof.

Keep in mind there are basically two types of metal roofing defined by water resistance and those are structural metal roofing and architectural metal roofing. These are secured with water tight panels, and they stand up to pressure wonderfully. In most cases they expand up to 1 inch per 100ft. given temperature changes of 100 degrees. Panels are also designed with wind resistance in mind.

Where there are conditions similar to high winds and heavy snowfall roofs of a high R value will be installed. These are reinforces steel roofing options that can really take a punch. They maintain their beauty, and they are super no matter what the weather outside looks like. Quite simply, steel roofing options can take a lot of things that other roofing alternatives cannot.

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